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I made a little site...

If anyone has more links for helping folks out let me have 'em and I'll add them.

BTW: I lost Fred's "How to fix..." link on this site.


Re: Personal website

Nick,just click `resources',then `articles' and you'l see Fred's post.

Re: Personal website / Magnum oil pump bleed

Mike (MA) /


I checked out your website when it first came online, and it looks like you've added to it since. Nice work, and keep it up. It would be great for it to become an authority of sorts on Puch Magnums. I have a Magnum MKII also, and last night set about getting it running for the first time. It ran, but now I need to bleed the oil-pump. How is this done?

1) Does the screw just need to be loosened or completely removed?

2) Where will the bled air/oil come out? Screw-hole or pump outlet?

3) Does the pump-outlet tube need to be submersed in oil so as to not such air back in?

Also, I see you added some info Chris posted on measuring the oil-output of the pump. Have you tried this? I don't have a tachometer, so I figured I wouldn't be able to run this procedure.



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