My little 13yr.old granddaughter went for a ride with me around town on the Sebring on Saturday.She really enjoyed it.Her little brother wouldn't go and that was all right.He's just a little scared.I think Saturday afternoon here in Ohio was a nearly perfect day for `pedding.I think she's gonna be another mopeder when she's old enough.Opens up possibilities of family picnics on the spur of the moment,especially if my wife and son ride along.Anyway,I busted the clutch cable on the other Sebring and had to take the Minarelli powered one.So Sunday,while I was supposed to be getting my sleep,I went out and dismantled the tranny a little `cause it's an internal cable hook-up.Bad news! The bearing which engages the starter clutch is partly frozen and looks bad.It's the kind of bearing that's specialized,too.Well,I re-assembled it and started it up and it runs fine so far.(Took it for a 10 mile trip).But tomorrow I've got to try to find that bearing at Handy Bikes.I sure hope they have it available!I guess I should be glad I busted that cable or I might not have known to watch out for the bad bearing.I filled that tranny up with 5W-50 Exxon synthetic so as not to have any more wear on the already worn bearing.I also had to make that cable out of a brake cable by grinding down the end to fit.I'll tell `ya,I get more good outta working on my `peds than I get from sleeping.I really enjoy it!

Re: grandchildren

hope you find that bearing. and good job of recruiting your granddaughter. yuo must be a cool grampa.

Re: grandchildren

Hey Don,

Since I never had a grandpa to hang out with (both died before I was born) could I be your honorary grandchild (although I'm not really a child at the age of 24) and go for rides on your 'peds? Hahaha!

Take care,


Re: grandchildren

Thanks,Miguel! I'm tryin' to stay `within myself' but with those young `uns I may wear out pretty easily.I'm in awe of their boundless energy and their ability to sleep on demand,you know?ANYWAY, they'll have a respect for mopeds and not be poisoned by condescending `bikertalk' like I was.I'd have been riding them years ago if my biker friends hadn't prejudiced me.

Re: grandchildren

If you live close and are nice! Sorry about your Grandparents .(:>(

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