25 tooth sproket on tomos

chuck russo /

i bought a 25 tooth front sproket for my 87 tomos golden bullet lx, because it has really slow acceleration after it hits second gear and i live in a populated area so it makes other people mad. i havent installed the sproket, i was wondering how much top end i will loose? i am also planing on buying a bi turbo pipe to regain my top end

Re: 25 tooth sproket on tomos

Personally, I ENJOY when people get mad at how slow my ped is. If they are considerate of me (not riding my ass, revving their engine, or honking) then I will ride on the shoulder so they can pass me. If they do any of those 3 things, I ride on the left hand side of the lane so they CANT pass, and usually dont hit top speed, staying around 20. Inconsiderate of me? Oh yeah. Do I care? Hell no. Swarm and Destroy, baby.

If your town has streets with bike lanes, try to use those.

Re: 25 tooth sproket on tomos

Chuck's question would be a good one for the Reeperette!

Re: 25 tooth sproket on tomos

Jamie Leonard /

I find some folks get mad no matter WHAT speed you go at... I usually do about 5kph above the speed limits (am an urban driver and exceeding the speed limits by a huge amount is crazy downtown) and I get people honking and doing crazy stuff to pass me... quite often when I'm going at the exact same (or slightly greater than) speed as the cars in the same lane as me... I think some folks see moped license plates and think "I can't be behind one of THOSE!"

Re: 25 tooth sproket on tomos

I can usually pass and weave in traffic with my Tomos Targa (bi turbo, and jetted carb). . . cars seem to leave me alone.

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