The Need for Speed

Cliff Roberts /

What's the most effective way to boost the speed in a ped? Mine's maxing out at 25 mph.

Re: The Need for Speed

chuck russo /

what kinda ped do u have?

Re: The Need for Speed

Jamie Leonard /

I don't suppose only going downhill would be a viable suggestion?

Actually it partly depends on the type and model of moped, usually there are options like changing the sprockets (if you want you can get more top end at the cost of acceleration), for some mopeds you can buy a tuned pipe (biturbo for puch or tomos), for some others you can cut and weld the tuned pipe and get some (if not quite as much) increase in speed as well (again losing a bit of low end usually)

People on here will be able to give you some better suggestions than I could but you should say what kind of moped you drive - and you might want to search the forum with your type of moped, chances are someone else already asked the same question!


Re: The Need for Speed

Cliff Roberts /

i have a 78 Honda Hobbit

Re: The Need for Speed

bigger carb will get you some more power right away. also play w/ different size jets.

a performance muffler (polini, biturbo, leovinci) will also give you more power.

you can use a larger front to rear sprocket ratio to gain top speed (at the cost of acceleration).

you can also port and polish your cylinder and get a larger manifold to go w/ the larger carb.

these options keep you w/ the 50cc. you can also go w/ a larger cylinder/pistion combo (but i wouldn't recommend that).

oh, and i think advancing the timing might get you a bit more speed. and also using a bosch platinum sparkplug.

of course, making sure your moped is tuned always helps a bit, too.

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