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The jets for the Amal 15mm carb are $9.95 each. They are available in sizes 45 (this is what came in my carb), 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70. You can get them from They do not stock them, but can get them in 3 days or so. They are worth evey cent because if anyone is running as lean as my bike was it is only a matter of time before you will be using the pedels. I will let you all know what size works for me here in the foothills of NC. I would imagine that different elevations will require different jetting, but I feel strongly that the #45 is most likely too lean for just about everyone...Butch

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I'm sorry, They are $9.99 each...Butch

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Thanks Butch,I have a 99 TTLX frame that had a 70cc kit on it, now blown, I may fix it up? Been using parts off it to repair others, for now the Amel is just hanging on it, thought about tring on another bike (94 Tomos TT w/bitubo) I heard they came from factory under jeted. Thanks Doug D.

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Don't blame the factory for supplying you an under jetted carb, Blame your dealer for selling you the carburetor that belongs on the 60 cc kit and trying to pass oit off as for the 70 cc kit. Common sense tells you they should not be the same.

Btw, 10 bucks for a jet is rediculous , the whole carb is only about $65.00

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Hi there, I felt $10 was a little riged for a jet, I haven`t even opened carb up to look, but do know the guy wasted the piston 2 times from a lean mixture, so figured it was a good starting point. I allways check with Mopedwarehouse in NJ before buying my parts, or get stumped on a braintwister! They are some nice guys to deal with, and THANKS for your input!!! Doug D. (VA)

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chuck russo /

will a amal carb make my 87 tomos golden bullet lx faster? if so how much faster?

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Hi Chuck, I guess it would, but you would need a biturbo or such. Most of my knowledge is by try and see method... Some of the Gurus out there could give you a better answer on that... I do figure it wouldn`t hurt going from 12mm to 15mm and watch the spark plug. How about it> Fred...REE..Ron.. Don-Ohio ?

I'll agree with that... ($10 jets)

$10 per jet is ridiculous.... you can buy main jets for mikuni carbs for $2.50 apiece

Amal carb

chuck russo wrote:


> will a amal carb make my 87 tomos golden bullet lx faster? if

> so how much faster?

Somebody else will have to answer.....

But if it fits... it will probably make it faster if it is bigger as long as it is jetted correctly... But it will probably make you lose some low end performance at the same time.

Re: I'll agree with that... ($10 jets)

Yeah,Fred,I pay 5.00 apiece at Handy-Bikes and it seems a little high at that.That's for Dellorto jets.But,man ,if it makes it run good it's worth it I guess.Five dollars in today's money is comparable to ONE DOLLAR in the 1960s money I grew up spending.(10 cents at a time I might add).LOL !

Re: I'll agree with that... ($10 jets)

Thanks Guys! Some real good info....

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Ron Brown /


It depends on whther your engine is capable of using the extra fuel. When you ride, if your ped responds to the throttle all the way to wide open, then a bigger carb may help. If it flattens our before wide open then something else, maybe the exhaust, is choking it and a larger carb won't help.

You can allways try it. At least you will be ready for a tuned pipe.



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