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Would anyone happpen to have any pics of a carb off of a 1970's puch, I am trying to find out if mine is original. If it isn't then I'm gonna need to fork out 140 bucks for a new one because I need to be able to change the jets.

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Is it a BING carb?I think most Puchs had that brand.

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Yeah, All puchs came with bing carbs in the 70's. You can find a cheap bing carb on ebay for like 20-30 bucks

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Claude Bawls /

Hey does this help i got this from down in the list

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What are the numbers on the side of the carb? How many carbs do you need ? $140 should get you 2 carbs. Don't be confused by shops that sell the "puch maxi carb" Bing carb number 1/15/46a . That specific carburetor never came on any puch moped. It is however an acceptable replacement carburetor but it will also require rejetting and possible nozzle/low speed mixture needle replacement. Most good shops will sell it for about $65.00 and they will exchange the jet for any available size you wnat for ne additional charge.

BTW On all bing carburetors ( Puch, Sachs, Kriedler, batavus, tomos(encarwi))the first of number is the modle series number (The physical dimmensions and make up ), the second set of numbes is the venturi size, and the last set of numbers identifies the Jet,nozzle,low speed mixture needle, and throttle slide variations.


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why can't you change the jets in your current carb? whether your carb is "original"or not, you can just change jets on it.

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Well, I am just getiing into fixing stuff(mopeds) and I have no clue what I'm doing. I don't even know where the jet is on it or how to remove it. I ordered a repair manual and should get here this week but i don't think it'll tell me where it is on my carb. The guy I bought it from said he put a new carb on it and he probably got it from his junkyard (backyard) off of a tracter or somethin'.

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Ron Brown /


Does this carb have any markings on it?


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if it's a regular puch carb, there should be a float on it. the manual will have this info it (it should, or else you got ripped off). take the float off.

on a puch carb you just unscrew the bottom of it off. then you'll see a jet in there.

it's a gold screw in the middle. take that out. you can clean it by spraying carb cleaner on it. you should be able to hold it up to a light and see through it.

that tiny hole in the screw comes in different sizes (on different screws). those are the jets. there should be a number marked on it. that's the size of the jet. you can order other ones (bigger or smaller).

go to ... i think they have bing carburetor explosions that you can use to see things on. follow this link:

<a href=></a>;

the part #21 is the bottom of the carb. unscrew that. part#1 is the jet.

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