New Top-Tank Mopeds?

OK, since the tranny woes of the Avanti Garelli Super Sport seems to be sufficiently documented and therefore nixed as reliable in my eyes, I'm left with very few options when it comes to brand new top-tank mopeds -- it appears as I'm left with only one: The Tomos Targa LX (and its variant, the TTLX). Does anyone know of any other brand new top-tank (motorcycle-style) models I can find? Also, can anyone comment good/bad on the Targa LX/TTLX? Again, as mentioned in the "Avanti Garelli Super Sport" thread, I'm looking for something reputable, but since I'm planning to spend a thousand-plus bucks, I don't want to make a decision without being informed. Thanks in advance for any help. Happy riding.


Re: New Top-Tank Mopeds?

Don't know about the Top-tank deal,but MisterMoped has new Hero-Puchs that look like they'd be O.K...Handy Bikes may carry them also..I'm like you,waiting for Avanti to straighten out this problem.Dick Riemer,Davel,and Sean are now having second thoughts about Avantis.Too bad. :>(

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If you are over 16 and have a drivers license... get this (or something like it)

He's selling 2 of these for $600 on ebay right now (1 runs... one doesn't.. in IL)

100cc twin cylinder

<IMG src="">;

the URL is

Re: New Top-Tank Mopeds?

thats $600 for two.. or ...say $400 and $200... and the non- runner prob just needs its carbs cleaned.

Re: New Top-Tank Mopeds?

Those are a bargain Fred,but not mopeds.However,I'd take `em for that price if I didn't have so many `peds now.

Check out these

Awful Kanaufal /

Re: New Top-Tank Mopeds?

I know they are not mopeds... but he wants a 'top tank' moped... so if he has a drivers license... then there is no reason not to.

Whoever does it can turn around and sell the one and have the other for $100 maybe.

Cool little twin 50cc pistons and a 6 speed gear box.

I also would go buy them if I didn't already have too many.

The guy should have advertised it with the word 'moped' in it... the price would have gone way higher.

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Yeah,Fred! I'd hate to see what my premises would look like if I wasn't a married man.I'd probably be a moped dealer and work on bikes for free.I guess I can pretty well look into the future and see what I'll be doing when I get more time.Those are nice looking bikes.Is it the Yamaha YS-1 that looks so cool also?I can't remember the number for sure,but it's a beauty too with top-tank and gears but I think only 50cc.

Re: New Top-Tank Mopeds?

Just thought everyone would like to know. The Avanti/ Garelli has nothing to do with the Garelli brand of mopeds that were sold in Italy. Avanti did purchase the right to remanufacture the VIP 1 and 2 speed engines but that is as far as the relationship goes. The engines are produced in India with the standard India quality control. Take that for what it's worth. Avanti is not supposed to be selling its mopeds as Garelli's and is in the process of being forced to stop doing so.


Re: New Top-Tank Mopeds?

How true,Chris.The Avanti is a `knock-off ' of the Garelli.I really hope,though,that they resolve this tranny trouble.I REALLY came close to buying an AUTOPOWER this year.Thanks for the clarification!!

Re: New Top-Tank Mopeds?


Did the bikes sell on Ebay? If not, I'm very interested, let me know. Steve

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