Replacment parts

Hello I found my mo-ped in a junk yard so it has a few mostly cosmetic issues and I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on replacment parts. What's broken is there's a chip out of the lense in the speedometer I'd like to just replace the lense but If I have to replace the whole speedometer. Also the speedometer cable is broken it's missing the square recepticle on one of the ends so I probably need a completly new one. Also one of the long bolts that holds the head on seems to have been snapped.

I've read mention of what are peoples thoughts on them and are they likly to have these pieces.

Thank you any suggestions or experiences would be greatly appreciated

P.S. Also the key was of course missing I'd like to replace it with an original one but if I can't find that I'm sure I could rig something else up

Re: Replacment parts

If I were you, I'd check with the mopedwarehouse first. Great service, great inventory, very knowledgable, low prices and Paypal! Also, Sportsbay has been good for Puch parts also...

Re: Replacment parts

Now see,Aaron,if you'd tell everybody what kind of `ped and what year and model it is,somebody here might have your parts.I don't know about ````mopedjunkyard''',but `Mopedwarehouse and Handy Bikes (614-299-0550) are nice to deal with.You'll still need that tell them though that I just mentioned.

Re: Replacment parts

The kind of mo-ped probably would help sorry slipped my mind. It's a 1978 Cimatti I'm not sure what kind though all the pictures of cimattis from 1978 I've found were step throughs and this one has the tank mounted up like a motorcycle.

Re: Replacment parts

One thing,Aaron.Address the broken head bolt first.And if you order one,you might want to order a head gasket and spare bolt.Call Handy Bikes and they'll probably have what you're looking for.(614-299-0550) or like I said earlier,Mopedwarehouse is good too.

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