Puch Moped graphic for t-shirt

My friend and I created a Puch Mopeds - Born to Be Mild to see it on your web browser and then save the image to your drive. It's huge...for printing on an 8x10 iron on transfer. Comments???

Re: Puch Moped graphic for t-shirt

Rich King /

Thanks for the Graphic's. This is great!! I have a '76PUCH w/a 70cc kit. Sometimes I take it to my partime job (a Doorman) in a "biker type" of bar, the Sunset Grille in Anandale, VA. Of course I park it out front with all of the Harley's. I used to take a lot of stuff re the MOPED until one of the biker's chix took it for a spin. She was impressed. Heck, they inducted me into their MC, "The Grillbillies" and gave me a tee shirt w/the logo on back. Maybe I can get a transfer and put this on the front of that shirt. Whatta hoot!

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