Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

InfectedBootSector /

I was looking in the Pictures section on the page and noticed an ad for Puch. The add mentions the 'Puch' ryhmes with 'book'.... so you pronounce it like 'Pook'?

Weird as hell man.... anyway....

What are the proper pronunciations for other moped brands?

Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

chuck russo /

whats the proper way to say batavus?

Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

i think it's "batavas" (?)

Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

Simon King /

Yeah, i've noticed that too. I've always said "pook". i'll probably continue to say it that way no matter what i find out is right - but that ad has always raised some questions.

there is also the "moto-be-cane" / "moto-be-con" situation too.

Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

Not to bring german into this, but Puch rymes with Book, could just be a case of poor translation. because Book in german is Buch so it makes sense to think that Puch rymes with Buch. anyway.


Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

The Moped Gawd /

hahaha... miguel

I believe it is .......... butt.. tay...vuss.

Or ... you could pronounce it .... Honda... but I think people would just get confused.

Some others

Toe... mose (rhymes with 'close')

Mo ... toe... ba... conn.

Poo... zho


Kree... dler

I like to say.... pooch..... but I know its supposed to be ...pook... (rhymes with kook)

Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

Chris Robertson /

Jawa is pronounced Ya-wah.


Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

CHRIS !! You're back! Great to hear from you again.I was afraid they'd locked you away for another radar detctor incident.Hi!

Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

Chris Robertson /

Hiya Don:

No problems with the fuzz with respect to radar detectors lately, but I've been avoiding using them in Canada so that's probably why.

Hope things are going well for you!


Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

Doin' fine,Chris, except for not bein' able to moped every day on these 12 hr. night shifts.But OH, that 7 days off every month makes up for it! I only have to work a total of 14 days each month on the average.Been taking a lot of 120+ mi. trips lately.Relieves the stress like you would not believe.

Long moped trips

Chris Robertson /


A group of my friends went on a moped camping trip to a place about 90 miles away in June. We each had to carry a full backpack as well as some gear (fuel and oil for example) strapped to the mopeds.

The only thing that sucks about such long moped trips is that the seats are <i>murder</i> on the ass! The last thirty miles or so we were all squirming and standing on the pedals as much as possible.


Re: Proper Moped Brand Pronunciations

I was told that in England, Puch is "Pooosh"

Re: Long moped trips

Hey,Chris! Well,Maybe I've got a tough `behind' ,but I think it's a matter of taking a rest stop every 20 mi. or so and having a great seat like my Sebrings have.I forget what kind of bike you have,but I know I couldn't take these long trips with the bicycle style seat of many Puchs and other brands.I shift around on my seat every once in a while (front to rear)and (side to side),and it seems to help a lot.The Cosmo Colt I have also has a nice big leather seat.I haven't tried any of the Tomos' out on long trips yet so I can't say about them.

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