I screwed up in reverse ya'll

by buying a scooter so new that no one knows anything about it, no aftermarket parts, Hyosung SF-50 (Prima) where I bought it doesnt even have a service manual for it. I'm going to push a tube down the exhaust to find the restrictor, cut and remove it and have a friend weld it back, unless someone has a better idea,,??

oh my 2 cents on the marijuana thing, legalize it, let the government control it, tax the crap out of it, subject it to the same laws as alcohol, (course then it wouldnt be fun anymore) and make sure no one could sue for lung cancer or other damages and then lower my taxes...... Rog NC

Re: I screwed up in reverse ya'll

Rich King /

Hey Rog,

I've got a Derbi Atalntis and the guy at the MOPED Shop just installed a high proformance exhaust kit on it. Let me tell you it flys. However, one of the Dudes that hangs around that shop had a ped similar to yours and he got all of his parts on-line from a place in the UK - - Taffspeed. He he said that he "souped" up his machine so well that he got a ticket from the local Police for operating an illegal MOPED (unlicensed motorcycle). I spoke w/a another dealer here that carries Models of your machine and he said that he could "install a kit on it" after break-in. Howeever I never pursued it since I have a Derbi.

From your other post, you probably know what you are doing so check out Taffspeed. com or call the owner of MOPEDS MPG in Merrifield, VA and see if they can order it for you. I trust George & Carol over the other guy I spoke with re this issue.


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