Cleaning Aluminium block

<HTML>OK, I'm building a moped rod (let's just say it'l do 110 km/u and it's a PA 50)

but now i'm rebuilding the vario-block and the aluminium is dirty as hell.

I'm trying different things (white spirit, aceton, polish...) but i can't get it to shine like "new" aluminium. SO does anybody out there have tips for me?



RE: Cleaning Aluminium block

Tony Espinoza /

<HTML>Steel wool maybe....T</HTML>

RE: Cleaning Aluminium block

Dean Carpenter /


Any car product shop or DIY store will sell Alloy Wheel Cleaner try that. Else, I know "Mer" the car cleaning products have a cleaner. Alloy Wheel Acid may help aswell!

See ya


RE: Cleaning Aluminium block

<HTML>If it really won't come clean, try using spray on oven cleaner like Easy-Off or the cheapest equivalent.

Warning! This stuff eats aluminum and should not be left on for longer than it takes to clean the part! You must thoroughly rinse all traces of this stuff off. Only use it as a last ditch effort.</HTML>

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