Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

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Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

XBrandon EdgeX /

Honestly, I think it really should be legal to grow it and use it for industrial and medicinal purposes. I don't like the idea of using it to get high or the social pressure put on people to smoke it by it's users, but for industry and medical science, it definitely has it's advantages. It can be used to produce paper, methanol fuel, various textiles, and many other things more efficiently and with less pollution than their current counterparts. In fact, the main reason it's illegal is because if it were legal, it would make a drastic change on our economy. Du Pont would be hurt because they patented a method of processing wood pulp with a sulfide process, and using marijuana is cheaper and more efficient. The medicine companies don't want it because we have a disease industry, unlike other countries who grant their people free healthcare as a basic human right. The tobacco company doesn't want it for obvious reasons. It's downright sickening, the main reason it's illegal is because our economy comes first before affordable medicine, clean air, and cheaper goods.

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

I think Weed should be illegal. We need to keep the prison populations growing, as a source for cheap labor.

Because of the recent terrorist attack, we will see less immigration into America from other countries.

Someone has to perfom the crappy duties usually associated with immigrant workers-- Prisoners are the perfect candidate. Since more and more prisons are being sold to non-governmental companies who seek to turn a profit, we know that every new arrest will be good for the economy!

Secondly, medical marijuana-- what a sham! Why on earth would anyone want to use a natural substance with few side effects, when there are tons of expensive prescribed pharmacuticals one could legally use.


If the government says Marijuana is bad, you KNOW it's bad. The government wouldn't lie to us.

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

Last I checked, this was a moped general discussion, not pot head general discussion.......

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

tokemaster /

i think they should legalize weed, its good, safe ,clean fun that the whole familily can enjoy it would make the spazed out lil kids calmer and there wouldent be as much agressive driving or people killing other people over dumb stuff

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

Cheech-Chong /

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Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

You guys talking about the #1 cash crop in Kentucky and my area of Ohio?It's true! The reason I'm against legalizing it is that it's smoking.I have no objection to tobacco smoke if it's not in my or my family's face.Used to smoke heavily myself `til I was 22 yrs.old and quit `cold turkey'.If they want to use it like aspirin or tylenol as a pain killer or medicine I have NO problem with it as long as it's done without smoking.It's already too hard to convince young generations not to smoke and legalization of marijuana would make it even harder.(:>(

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

TheMopedMonster /

I think it should be legal. I think that it is sickening that the government says its ok to take any pill your doctor perscribes to you (that has god knows what in it) but it is a crime to grow a plant and ingest it in the privacy of your own home. How many people do you know that drink, then get violent? Not everyone gets violent when they drink, but a moderate amount do. Marijuana (for the most part) does not make people violent, quite the oppisite, it makes people docile. The British conducted an experiment regarding driving under the influence of pot, and found that in most cases, people drive slower and more alertly (read: safer) after smoking. We all know what alcohol does to your ability to drive. And Brandon's points about industry are right on the nose. Henry Ford designed a vehicle that was made completly out of hemp (marijuanas leafy cousin) and even ran on hemp fuel. Marijuana is not for everyone, and its definately not for kids. But as an american adult I feel I should be 'free' enough to ingest whatever I please, especially if its not hurting anybody else. Alcohol can kill - you can overdose (alcohol poisoning), but to overdose on pot you would have to ingest more than your body weight at one time (in my case, over 180 pounds in one setting!!! Impossible!!) The federal government will put you in jail for growing a plant - in the name of freedom. That doesn't sound like freedom to me.

Oh, and wayne, was that a hint of sarcasm I detected in your post? And paul, yes this is a moped forum, but forums are for discussion, and because of threads like this, I feel like I am getting to know the people in the moped community (at least those who participate on this site). Lets be honest, talking about nothing but mopeds would get boring. Dont get me wrong, I love to trade thoughts, ideas and facts about mopeds with everyone here, but variety is the spice of life, and knowing a little more about the way people in the moped army think makes for a closer knit community.

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

My feeling is that you still are encouraging young ones to smoke.Find a way of using it without smoking and I'm not opposed to MODERATE, ADULT ONLY,use.I've NEVER smoked it,but some of the guys that worked for me in the concrete work did.They still performed at an excellent level after their smoke breaks,although a little happier than before.But that was concrete work,which is not brain surgery.I don't want certain people using it in certain critical jobs(air traffic controller,Nuclear plant operator(myself e.g.),firemen,policemen,etc.Know what I mean?

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

i've never tried marijuana and never want to. that said, i have no objection to legalization (w/ control) of drugs. we legalize some drugs, but not others (alcohol, nicotene, caffeine). we also socially encourage people to solve their emotional problems w/ sedatives (lithium, zoloft, etc). this all seems terribly inconsistent. if you feel like your life is shit, then you take drugs to escape/numb the pain. it seems rather ridiculous that it's illegal if you take, say, crack, rather than some prescription "medication." either way, it's all the same: using drugs to make you feel better about your life (even if only momentarily).

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

Well I have to go with legalize it on this subject. however I live in British Columbia (Woo Canada) and growing marijuna is our second second largest industry so I guess it being illegal also has it's advantages.

P.S. I've never tried it either :)

Re: Should Marijuana be Legal? Or not?

Hah...same here, Simon...Saltspring Islands infamous cash crop...interesting point though, it seems to be more widely accepted here....I dont smoke it, but i dont see what the big problem is....I say legalize it...

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