just how far is too far away?

i live around seven miles from where i work... there are plenty of backroads to travel, it's a rural area, nice ride- but is it too far? not that i want to ride it every day, but is blaring along at 35 for seven miles harmful? this is my first moped, and i just want to know the do's and don't before i do something i shouldn't. i have an 80 sasch, but how do i tell what style it is? it is a step through, exactly like the light blue one in the photo section. also, between 10-20 mph, there is a distinct thump thump thump... at lower speeds it doesn't happen, and it seems to smooth out at higher speeds as well. it's not so much that i can hear it as feel it. any help?

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SteelToad /

Whenever I take my ped out for a ride. It is almost never for less than 7 miles, and even more rare that I keep it down to 35 mph. I've taken it at about 50 for some 15-20 mile rides with the occasional stoplight. The longest I've taken it was 27 miles at close to top speed all the way.

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Jamie Leonard /

Well considering people have crossed the continent on a moped I don't think distance is the biggest concern. There is some debate about keeping it at full throttle continuously (certainly not a great idea during the breakin period) but should be no harm at being ALMOST at full throttle for extended periods, so you go at 32 mph instead of 35 for example. Personally I doubt there would be a major issue with 7 miles even if you did floor it the entire way... it might just cause a bit of extra wear on the engine.

(Of course am not the expert, am more or less going by what I understand and have heard :)

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Reeperette /

I rode a 1988 Tomos Golden Bullet TTLX down ritchie hwy at max throttle every single day for years....5.8 miles M-F, 31 Miles Sat, 63 Miles Sun.

Never did it a bit of harm, as long your maintainence skills are up to the task, it should be fine.


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It shouldn't hurt it at all, as long as the moped is broken in-just to echo what everybody else has said. If you have over 200 miles since any major engine work, I'd concider it well broken in. I ride a sachs, and used to ride it to work about 5 miles, and some of that was accross a cotton field.

for the noise, i'm not too sure- Carb may be a little dirty, and it never hurts to keep your carb clean.

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Ron Brown /


Ride it. As someone else mentioned, use a little less than full throttle. On most peds, once you reach top speed you can close the throttle until it looses just a little power. This will give you a more consistent mixture and much better gas mileage.

Check your wheels and tires for roundness by spinning them on the center stand and check your drive belt, if you have one, for lumpy travel. You might also check the chain for even travel. Turn the rear wheel by hand and watch the slack.


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I have a friend from Italy and she told me that on long trips you shouldn

Re: just how far is too far away?

Hi,Austin! If that's a 2-speed Sachs it could be the tranny jumping between gears.It should go away with another change of the correct fluid for it.If not,it could be a loose clutch spring or bushing between clutch systems.(IF it's a 2- speed).

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Rich King /

Just how far is too far. See my post of 04/23/01.

Just one thing, take a spare can of gas if you run a machine that uses premix or a spare can of 2 cycle oil if your machine "mixes its own". It is really a humbling experience to have your ped go cough, whezze, sputter, dead. You start running thru Don List to fix moped problem nothing works, then you juggle the ped w/the gas cap off and no slushing sound. Outta gas, in the middle of a rural area without a gas can, 2cycle oil is similar to being up the creek w/o a paddle.

While hauling a spare gas can may not be a pretty sight, as my biker friends say, pretty don't getcha home unless you're a chix."


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instead of a whole gas can, you can carry a pint (or even half-pint) two-stroke container. i like to keep one handy.

once the two-stroke is gone, you can fill it up w/ premixed gas. a pint is about a quarter tank, which should be plenty to get you home. if you get at least 100mpg (as most peds do), then a pint should easily get you 20-25 miles. even a half-pint two-stroke container filled w/ premix fuel will get you about 10 miles or more. and it's smaller, so you can carry it much more readily (even in a coat pocket).

of course, topping off the tank every night helps, too. after all, since you have to premix, i just buy two gallons every month or so and premix it to take home (i carry it in a large army surplus backpack). top off the tank every night or so, and you've got no worries.

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That's FRED's list,although I'd be honored if it WERE mine.

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