TOMOS parts for sale

hey all,

fall is coming around so i decided to clean shop so to speak... i found all the parts i could so i can sell them off to get my crank for my bore kit. well starting out i got an entire engine that runs great (40) downhill complete with a bi-turbo and carb for $140... that is such an incredible deal! i also have a head that is great it had 4 mm shaved off a while ago... then i got an extra cylinder/ piston... ill sell the whole head piston cyl. for $50.. if separate the head for $20 and the cylinder/piston for $40.i got an extra carb for $20 and i have a manifold and a reed valve. i have a oil pump for $10. i have both sides of the centercase and a tranny case all for $20. i have a whole tranny for 85. i have various other parts.... plz email for parts or respond on the website. all prices are negotable.


Re: TOMOS parts for sale

J. Sailor /

Do you have a top tank?

Re: TOMOS parts for sale

You sent out that carb yet? I could use it.

Re: TOMOS parts for sale

sorry dude i forgot ur info could u send it to me please? thanks.

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