70cc Kit-Tomos

Hi all. I just want to let those of you know that in my case the problem is the Amal carb jetting. I was running way too lean (luckly I had used 22oz. of MC-2 to 5gal.) with the main jet that came with my carb. It had a #45 (the smallest) jet and that is why I was having the cutting out problem. I would imagine that orthers are also running lean if they have the #45 jet too. I have dealt with Mopedsonline.com exclusively and have found them to be wonderful to deal with. They offer great help and support and I also appriciated the speed in which they replied to my questions.They can get any of the Amal jets if any of you would care to experiment with your jetting. I have not received my jets yet (they were sent out today) so I can't say which one will be correct. I just got the first 2 sizes over the stock #45, but I think that is probably the range I need to be in. I will let you all know what I find in a few days. Ride Safe! Butch

Re: 70cc Kit-Tomos

Reeperette /

Thanks for the update, dude....glad to know what the problem was and the solution for use in the future should someone else come with the same difficulty.

Always good to have a followup.


Re: 70cc Kit-Tomos

SteelToad /

Thanx for the information, looks like new jets go on the list of goodies for the overhaul. Please post the improvements with the new jets.

Re: 70cc Kit-Tomos

How much jets going for now? doug D.

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