Need piccy of biturbo exhaust and how it works

Chris is God /

So please send me one at

Re: Need piccy of biturbo exhaust and how it works

Maybe you should go to a retail site and see it for yourself. People will be glad to help you, but this is one thing you can take care of yourself.

The Moped Army helps those who help themselves!

Go to any decent search engine and type in "Moped" and "Bi Turbo".

The pipe works by maximizing the compression of the engine gasses.

Bi-turbo website.

J. Sailor /

Is there a Bi-turbo website? I have looked but never found one.

Chris is sod: Heeters sells them online. I have one on my Tomos TT Classic and I love it.

Re: Bi-turbo website.

Ever think of changing that name,Chris?Just a thought from the less pretentious amongst us.You could go with `Chris a god' which is way less foreboding to us mortals.Just kidding you,Chris.

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