Who let you out on a day pass ?

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By the deliberately misleading subject title - I suspect this conglomeration of mush-mouth, double-talk hypocrisy was intended to be a slam.

So, let's rip it to shreds then, shall we ?

>>i think it's amusing when people grow tired of their peer group/social clique, then move on to a new peer group/social clique, and try their best to fit in just as hard as they tried to fit in with the previous peer group(s)/social clique(s).<<

Gee, when have I ever given a rats ass about fitting in ?

If I wanted to fit in I woulda bought a car, not a moped, as my first vehicle...but I figured morons like you were being viciously burned by all the extended bullshit that comes with a car, and so you are welcome to it - you "enjoy" your unreliable, over-priced, expensive maintainence money pit....and I shall enjoy my money.

As I recall, I was the only dude in town with one, and the only person to this day to ride one back and forth down ritchie hwy to work every single day regardless of weather...and why ? to make a statement ? like bloody hell.

I did it cause I damn well enjoyed it, and who cares what anyone else thinks.

>>have you ever thought of trying to live your life without a peer group/social clique and find out who you really are instead of resorting to every single pre-packaged indentity you stumble upon?<<

Yeah, riiight, and who's following the crowd here ? the one's riding the "uncool" vehicles, or the ones bashing them because they are "uncool" ? suck on your own advice a while, pal....and get back to us when you reverse your near-terminal case of rectocranial inversion.

If we were a herd-minded horde like you cage-pushers, then why do we mostly have wholly different interests ? cause we maintain that originality and creativity are desirable, something your hive-mind anti-mainstream non-conformists (who, yet, all do EXACTLY the same things in their supposed non-conformity...) cannot seem to understand.

Every moped is more or less an individual creation, especially after constant tuning and tinkering, as personalised as possible, and many times in a manner reflecting it's owner.

Other than our interests in mopeds, there's really no other single factor amongst us that is common, not age, not musical tastes, or what we do for entertainment...and yet, in proper AMERICAN style, which you should understand, claiming to be a patriot (but more likely just following the herd even now...) we are a melting pot of many different people, individual and equal, yet respecting the differences amongst ourselves as you do not.

Your very actions in posting on this forum condemn you, for if you were truly an individual, you would not have a "problem" with other peoples choices whether or not to be - but you cannot stand anything that doesn't fit YOUR view of the world as it should be and speak against it ?

Rather than instill the ideas of individual thought and action, you are in fact preaching the very thing you claim to not like - conformity, just conformity to YOUR ideal.

Well, in response to that, how bout you kiss mah ass, eh ?

>>you know who you are. look in the mirror and tell yourself "i am an individual. i think for myself." after a little while you will feel better.<<

How bout you take your own misbegotten "Advice" with the LARGE grain of salt it requires and perhaps wake up to reality, the reality that you are simply shifting blame for your own actions.

And if, by some sake of sheer denseness, you think I have personally insulted YOU, as well as ripping your pathetic, vague, distorted supposition of an "Argument" apart.....well fine and dandy.

And don't even bother with the "I'll kick your skinny ass moped punk!" ball of wax, I've heard it all before, and frankly, would welcome you to try - in fact, if it means that damn all much to you, show up at one of the BBQ's and give it a shot, hell, I'll even sell tickets and cut you in on the proceeds....it might help defer yer medical expenses when I get through with you.

Now take yer angst-ridden anti-mainstream pretend nonconformist shit somewhere else where it might be welcome, cause it DAMN sure ain't welcome here.


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