gas+parafin wax=exhaust cleaner?

I read in my Haynes manual that you can use a mix of gasoline and parafin wax to clean out your exhaust pipe. Has anybody ever done this? What would the proper ratio of each to use? Is parafin wax soulable in gas? Can anybody think of any drawbacks to this?

Re: gas+parafin wax=exhaust cleaner?

Sounds like a Fight Club-esque recipe for napalm. hehe

Re: gas+parafin wax=exhaust cleaner?

You know, there are some engine cleaners that may work better for exhaust than home-brewed stuff. I'm going to try some ford carb/engine cleaner. It's in a blue can, and it looks like a spray, but youre supposed to just pop off the top, and pour it in the engine.

I'll go to the Ford house and get a part number.

It will TOTALLY disolve any carbon in an engine, and probably work great on exhaust parts. I don't think it costs more than $3-$4.

I'll try it tonight and see what it does.

got the part #

according to the recipt, it's # FMC PM3 It's now in a red and white can. The lable says carborator and engine cleaner. The stuff is really thick. You should pour some in your muffler while it's off the bike, slosh it around and let it soak for a while. I just did it some at lunch, and it really cut thru the crud. Now, I stink at work. Oh well, it's not the first time.

The can was about $5.00, when I get home I'll break out the cheapo can of carb cleaner and use the spray to clean everything out.

Re: got the part #

Thanks so much for the info!!!

parafin wax... or parafin ?

Does it say the word WAX in that manual?

Or does it just say parafin?

Because in the rest of the world (outside the US)... parafin is the word for kerosene.

So they might have meant a mix of gas and kerosene.

Fred is the MAN (and I'm an idiot)

Damn Fred, you never cease to amaze me. As always, you are right (and I feel stupid). I just assumed it was paraffin wax because I've never heard of kerosene being called anything other than kerosene. I'm glad I hadn't made it to the store yet. Do you think a 50/50 mix will be about right?

Re: Fred is the MAN (and I'm an idiot)

does that really work? the kerosene in the fule for cleaning the exhaust, that is ... hmhh.

i still like our method ... take off the exhaust pipe, pour gasoline on it, then light it on fire. it's a lot of fun. ;-)

Yeah but...

I would've paid money to be there when you tried to mix the parafin wax with the gasoline.

I would've even helped!

Vespalad says : ..Hmmmm... this doesn't seem to be working.

; )

And ... later... we could make candles!

Re: Yeah but...

And I would just do as Miguel said.. find a safe spot and put some gas in it and light it.

Though I also love sitting 'round campfires... and might do that also.

Re: parafin wax... or parafin ?

My neighbor empties the oil out of his truck and car every other year, fills it with kerosene, runs it a while, then drains it, fills it with cheapy oil, runs it around the block a couple of times, empties it and fills it again with good oil. He has a small ford truck that is at 280,000 miles and he attributes it to the kerosene treatment. He's an engineer gear head guy. I never heard of doing this but he swears by it.

Re: Yeah but...

Sounds like fun (I love lighting fires), but wont this just burn off whatever deposits are on the openings of the pipe?

Re: Yeah but...

Just removed the muffler from a bike I've put several thousand miles on and almost no carbon or crud in the muffler.I think it's the good MARATHON gas combined with the synthetic 2-cycle oil that's keeping down the build-up.

Re: got the part #

The ford stuff workd pretty good, but some areas are hard to get a good coating. I did it last nite, and used up a can of the $1 carb cleaner from autozone to rinse and dry it all out. I didn't know the inside of the muffler was silver.

I think they also make the ford stuff in a spray.

Re: parafin wax... or parafin ?

Ron Brown /


Great call! I've been sitting here scratching my head since this post apeared, it's bleeding!

I do like the sound of the Ford product though.

For Miguel, I have the impression from your post that you put this mix in the gas tank, not so, it goes straight into the removed muffler. Should add some obnoxious smoke and smell to your campfire though. : )


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