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Hi Guys,

I've been reading a lot here lately about different carburator sizes. I was wondering where the "intake" is on the carburator. Is it the part that attatches to the airbox or the engine? Or something different? Is it the same as the manifold or is that something different too.

Also, can someone please tell me what a jug is? Are there any diagrams on line that have labeled pictures? Thanks a lot.


Re: Intake& Manifold

The Air Intake side of the carb is the side that the airbox connects to. The Intake Manifold is the pipe wich conducts the mixed fuel and air from the carb into the engine. "Jug" is just slang for Cylinder (the thing with all the fins on it in which the piston slides) has quite a few exploded view diagrams on it for various bikes.

Re: Intake& Manifold

Matt Wilson /

Thanks Paul, When a carb is referred to as a 14mm or 15mm is that the diameter of the intake manifold?


when they refer to a carb size (like 14mm)... they mean the smallest part of the throat (called the venturi) where the air speed is highest and where the fuel is sucked out of the various orifices... often that diameter is maintained all the way the the end of the carb that bolts to the engine... so you can often measure it there... some don't.. and you have to measure it with special tools (or a drill bit shank if you have one)

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