I quit smoking today, just cigarettes

I quit smoking today. Help me in my journey. When I get off work, I need to take a long ride on the Puch, and reflect on my time as a filthy smoker.

Re: I quit smoking today, just cigarettes

good job dude I quit almost 7 years ago its tough but you'll feel way better and by the way I quit drinking 10 days ago if it helps any

good luck Rog

Re: I quit smoking today, just cigarettes

Hey that's great news man! I've been quit for 11/4 years now and couldn't feel any better. I found thinking of how much better I felt everyday after quitting really helped with my cravings. The day I quit was also the day I decided to get in shape and I really started getting off on how much easier my cardio (jogging) sessions got on a daily basis due to my easier breathing. I also went on the patch. Its widely know that if you smoke while on the patch you're going to get very sick due to nicotine overdose so aslong as I got up every morning and put the patch on I knew I was not going to smoke that day, I had no choice! I smoked for 7years (since I was 12 years old) at a pack a day (cdn 25 in a pack) and havn't lapsed since the day I quit.. GOOD LUCK.. BELIEVE ME IT GETS BETTER EVERYDAY. Be carefull though.. I found at the 3 week mark I started missing not so much the nicotine but the 'act' of smoking. My milestones were 3days(the insanity of addiction fades) 3 weeks(feeling much healthier, not coughing, but missing my buddies in the smoking section) 3months(I can't believe I ever smoked and the smell makes me sick).

Sorry for rambling on, I know you will be successful!


Re: just cigarettes?

what do you mean, just cigarettes? Are you still puffin the ganja? Or is two-stroke smoke all thats left for you?

Re: I quit smoking today, just cigarettes

InfectedBootSector /

Hmmm .... I wonder if Ganja can be used to clean out a muffler?

l jk

Re: I quit smoking today, just cigarettes

don't puff the ganja. don't do drugs. ... ok, maybe caffeine. ;-)

Re: I quit smoking today, just cigarettes

Simon King /

awesome - congratulations on coming around, i'm sure you'll feel better in the long run.


moped army

Re: I quit smoking today, just cigarettes

2 cycle exhaust boys...Did you think I was a pothead! Geez.

Re: I quit smoking today, just cigarettes

Good job. Personally I've quit before and started back later, not because of addiction to nicotine, but that I ENJOY smoking. There's the whole hand to mouth fetish, and the lack of anything to do BUT smoke. I smoke menthols, so although you may not agree, it's rather a little different because I find if I go awhile without a cigarette I need a good mint. On one hand, quitting would certainly save me $15-$35 every week and a half, but on the other hand, I enjoy it so much and being surrounded by a smoking environment, it's pretty much pointless for me at this point in time. My father smoked for about 20 years, quit at age 35 cold turkey, I kind of see that as what my path may be.

cheers! or something


oh and btw to Rog - I quit drinking myself about 2 years ago(I never was a constant drinker, just one of those get real drunk every couple weeks types, I grew up surrounded by alcoholics), you can see how much better you do fairly soon, but you may find yourself in a strange position when you have friends who's main purpose on doing anything is to drink, drink first, or have a drink everytime they do something.

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