<HTML>Anyone have any good or bad experence with the derbi-gpr. I would appreciate any info about derbr and there products. Our dealership is thinking about selling the gpr and would like to know what people think of their products.

Thanks scott</HTML>

RE: derbi-gpr


My name is Martin and I am from Austria. The Austrians don't like Derbi Mopeds, because their engines are very weak. After 1000or 2000 kilometers, they brake down and from this point of time, you will always have problems with it!




RE: derbi-gpr

Tony Espinoza /

<HTML>I have owned 2 Derbi mopeds..All without a single problem...If you take care of them, they take care of you..The last had over 6000 on it..I put 2000 on it myself..Never been apart.. My latest has about 4500 on it...You must have bad luck.. Tony</HTML>

RE: derbi-gpr

Tony Espinoza /

<HTML>I just read cycleworld's review of this bike..It states pretty much that the quality of the bike itself is outrageous..(as in quite good) But it needs a bore kit..To 75cc's to pull like it should..The test rider was 200 pounds and with the kit it would get him on the freeway at 80 mph...Hope it helps...Tony</HTML>

RE: derbi-gpr

<HTML>I've got a few friends here in Spain who have derbi gpr, and I can tell you that they are much more powerful and run faster than an Honda NSR, for example. the feeling is very nice and powerfu, but they need quite good leadin. (i'm not sure if that is how its called, but you have to drive softly and without going too fast for about 750 km)

i recommend it for anyone who is familiarized with bikes

I'd like to know if putting a good exhaust and an exterior filter with a 46 dented gear (the sort of gear with the chain in the back wheel; maybe plate??) would work.

I've got a friend with a Derbi Senda R that has many stuff on it, that gets 125 km/h.


RE: derbi-gpr

<HTML>yello. i'm not sure if you're talking newer or older model derbis. i have a 1989 derbi variant sport and as much as i like the ped it has yielded a lot of hassle. first off it was close to impossible to get replacement sprockets for it as no dealers anywhere it seems carry anything at least for older derbis. and right after i fixed that now something else has gone wrong with it and due to cold weather blues i haven't had a chance to fix it yet. they are really nice peds and all but i think there's better choices out there.

unite, swarm, and destroy


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<HTML>I've owned i Gpr for just over two years, I've owned it from new and it's got 26,000 Km on the clock and to tell you the truth it's really got about 30,000. And it's run perfectly till NOw, but i think I can say that 30,000km is a Lot. and that's why it's currently dead, but it's getting the big bore kit with a Scorpion Dual racing Exhaust and it should do 90, One excellant bike.</HTML>

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I own a Derbi to and i have a 75cc race cilinder on it, and runs about 150-160 KMH. (with a race axhaust,20mm Carb,and Mallosi airfilter)

the engine runs 13.500rpm at top speed.

The engine is the best/fastest engine you can get all top quality parts, i tune and prepare two stroke machines so i can tell you that.

RE: derbi-gpr

I just purchased a derbi gpr50(brand new) and they

told me it comes with a 74cc kit.

It does about 65mph. Does this sound about right for a 74cc



RE: derbi-gpr

Ihr seid doch nur neidisch, weil die s

RE: derbi-gpr

Timmy Southpark /

naw my stock 2000 gpr 50 with its stock bore does like 65-70ish. Although it has a 17.5mm carb, and i think that might be aftermarket cause i believe ti came wtih a 12mm.

Derbi GPR's are super awesome. Best 50cc in my opionion, although Aprilia RS50's are hot. If they carry the gpr let me, perhaps they can order parts for me. -jimmy

RE: derbi-gpr

Good thread hunting's only 8 1/2 years old

RE: derbi-gpr

Timmy Southpark /

It was bumped up assjack... and my resolution is so crappy on this company comp i cant read the dates... i can barely read what i type.

naw but your alright bukwheat.

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