what are your other rides?

Ok- I've got a question for those of you who have more than a moped for transportation, what else do you drive and how often?

I have an 82 buick regal with a v6- I've put over 100,000 since I got it, ten years ago. It's my first and only car. If I didn't have this car, I wouldn't have gotten my moped home when I bought it. The Sachs only had it's front wheel hanging out of the trunk.

I drive it most of the time, but I live in West Texas, and there isn't much choice for those long boring-ass drives, and when I have to be a taxi for someone, or something.

I use the moped for going back and forth to work, and on the weekends.

Re: what are your other rides?

I drive a 83 Totota tercel, for work (delivering pizza), and for winter transportation (It gets pretty cold in Colorado). But I only drive my car if I absolutely can not ride my scooters or mopeds.

Re: what are your other rides?

XBrandon EdgeX /

My other rides are one of my dad's chevy astro vans that I use when I need to haul my moped somewhere, also I own a 1974 Chevy Nova that's gonna get a 400hp small block put in it, a 1979 El Camino (named "el nino", because it produces so much smoke that it affects weather patterns) with the top cut off and the entire car is covered in wood grain contact paper, but that's going to the scrapyard soon, and I have a 1984 Polaris Indy snowmobile with a 600cc 3 cylinder engine (big fun). Oh, I also have a bicycle I made from parts that were laying around.

I've attached a photo of the "El Nino"


Re: what are your other rides?

hell yea the El Nino is cool- topless and room to haul stuff.

Re: what are your other rides?

here try this little photo out. One who can guess what it is gets a prize.. That's my current ride. I'm building a 1970 chevy truck back to standard as of now.


Re: what are your other rides?

It's a 1970(?) Oldsmobile 442. It's a close relative to my 1974 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser

Re: what are your other rides?

1992 Mazda B-2200 with 363,000 miles on it. Beat that!

Re: what are your other rides?

InfectedBootSector /

My cars aren't nearly as reliable as my Ped has been. I have had in the past year, the following cars:

1993 Plymouth Colt (Same thing as a Mitsu Mirage) Brother Got It when I bought my Jeep... The Colt was totaled two weeks later by a guy that hit it head on going 70mph on the wrong side of the road....

1976 Jeep CJ7... this was my favorite 4 wheel vehicle to date. I loved it. It had a 304 V8 and was awesome offroad... sold it because I couldn't afford the 13mpg it was getting... I miss it so much

1988 Ford Festiva-- shitty car thay was given to me by my uncle... it looked like shit, but ran real well, especially for having 214000 miles on it. I put 16000 miles on it over this past summer. It finally died last month, after a radiator hose blew on it, I said to hell with it, and drove it the rest of the way home, praying someone would hit me so I could collect something on it. Good car though....great gas milage when it didn't leak it all out.... I beat the living hell out of this thing...

1985 VW Golf--- still sitting in my yard.. I have a new motor for it, just haven't gotten around to it yet..... Great little car... more performance than you think from the 1.8

1992 Olds Achieva (same thing as a grand am)... this car has a Quad4 2.3 motor and a 5speed tranny.... the Quad4 is a good motor if you take care of it... has some punch... Just got this last week....

Re: what are your other rides?

I have a Honda Passport, but my four wheeler is a 97Chevy S10 170000 miles. My other bikes are a 2000 Derbi GPR 50,1990 Honda NS50F, 1985 Yamaha RZ500 V4 2-stroke sport bike,1985 Yamaha RZ350, 1966 Yamaha YL1 100 cc Twin,

Re: what are your other rides?

1974 honda cb125s which is a little 125cc bike, and my 1968 firebird 400. heres a pic of it while i had it torn apart


Re: what are your other rides?

1985 Nissan Maxima, 1995 Honda Magna, and my fav is my 1963 Cushman sliver eagle, oh and a "lil-indian" mini-bike, along with my new Hyosung scooter.

Re: what are your other rides?

I drive a 1984 Saab 900 Turbo.

Re: what are your other rides?

chuck russo /

i will be 16 on saturday but i still wont have my lisence because my parents wont let me get it (reson why i bought a ped) but my dream car is a 73' vw pop top camper (orange) with the spare tire on the front and i also like the 85-89 toyota tacoma 4x4 lifted with 38 inch super swomper boggers

Re: what are your other rides?

Richard King /

I am kind of embarassed to tell you this, I didn't realize all of the "rides" I had until you asked this question.

I've got an old Sear's Freesprite 10 speed bicycle, a 1976 PUCH Maxi w/a 70 cc kit & biturbo, a 2001 Derbi Atlantis w/hp exhaust kit, a 1971 Purple pearl Honda 750 Chopper w/Trapp pipes, pumper carbs, a mild cam, and a triple springer AEE front end, a 1986 Bright Red Corvette convertable w/white top (mostly stock except for a thermo runner chip & flowmaster pipes) {license tag BBOPN BY}, my late father's 1988 Lincoln Town Car, recently repainted Platinum Pearl w/a new blk vinyl top (70K on clock) [license tag OLD MONY], and a 2000 dark blue Chev 3 door 4x4 short bed Silverado [license tag FE HIP - because I had a total hip replacement]. Oh yeah, a Long 360 Tractor w/a bucket, a John Deere 245, and a horse drawn farm wagon (don't have the Belgium to pull it yet so I tow it behind the big tractor for hayrides).


Re: what are your other rides?

i have no car. i gave them up seven years ago. i do have a pro-class outrider mountain bike (flat tire). and the bus. i borrow a car if i really really need. i take trains to other cities. oh, and i walk whenever the distance is less than several blocks.

Re: what are your other rides?

Anthony Tod /

Well, scary to think about, obviously I have a moped, but it's the racing camino that I posted up here a while back, just got a rare melossi carb for it!

Then I have a old KC100 which I bought for an X to get her bike license on, which was in mint condition, but I haven't seen it since I lent it to my brother!

A Bandit 1200, with 1216 wisco kit and stage three dyno, plus other major engine mods, etc.

Subaru Impretza turbo, relatively cheap speed that scares the hell out of me when I get to let run wild on the mountain roads of my home town in Wales.

Re: what are your other rides?

I almost got ya my regal has about 290,000 and still had the original 6. I think my car was supposed to only last 10 yrs from the factory, but damn these g-bodys (olds cutlass, monte carlo, el camino, regal etc) are hard to kill. Can't beat a car with a full frame.

Re: what are your other rides?

I have a 1989 Buick Reatta with 53K miles that mostly sits in the garage. I only drive it in good weather and NEVER in snow.

Re: what are your other rides?

Reeperette /

In my time I have owned only 2 cars.

Once was a ratty 1958 Caddy Limo, in deathtrap-poor shape that we used to run around Ft Lee with as many dudes as we could pack into it...but that bit the dust after being struck by a delivery truck.

The other was a 1982 Dodge Aries, bought in 1988 with 55K miles on it, broke down every 300miles, blew the trans on day 95 of a 90 day warranty....piece of garbage I eventually traded in for a 1989 Tomos Golden Bullet.

In Maryland, where I used to live...owning a car means inspection, emissions, insurance, repairs, and MVA fees out the whaz, and can cost way over $3,000 a year just to keep in on the road....hell, you could buy a HOUSE for what it costs to "road" a car in Baltimore for 3-5 years.

Not to mention having your plates and inspection stickers stolen off it on a regular basis by folks too poor to beat the inspection/emissions racket.

For a moped, other than vandalism damage, it costs like $15 every three years.

The choice seemed quite clear to me when I was 15, and not much has changed since....besides, I love to ride.

Right now the only car we got is my roommates Olds Alero, and that things a deathtrap with severe front brake system defects, and is in litigation for a lemon-law buyback.

I'll stick with mopeds, thanx....to me a car's just a money pit.


Re: what are your other rides?

i'm w/ ree ... car's a money pit. for the cost of maintaining a car, payments, plus insurance i can leave fancy free. imagine: average cost of a car is something like $5k per year. what for? to go to the corner store? to go to the movies once a week?

i gave up my car in 1995 when i was in college at 19 yrs old. w/o a car ... i could eat at restaurants whenever i was too lazy to cook (and i don't mean mcdonalds). i could go to the movies whenver i wanted (you always go w/ friends, right, someone has a car). i could buy anything i wanted (books, cds, clothes, impulse items). it was about $5k a year extra in my pocket.

when i go to chicago, i take the train. the $50-60 round trip ticket ends up costing me less than paying for gas and parking to get there. and i don't have to pay the year-round maitenane costs.

to put it bluntly: unless you live more than 5 miles away from your job, there is no need for a car. heck, if push comes to shove you can rent a car pretty cheap. my youngest brother also gave up cars and loves it. it costs him about $20 to rent a car and visit my parents from college. that's almost how much he'd have spent on gas going back and forth. and he avoids university parking fees, etc.

if you have a car, ok. but there really is no need for a car. there's probably no need for a moped either, to be honest. but they're just so much fun! ;-) if you want to own a car, justify it on aesthetics or sheer desire to own one, do not try to rationalize it as a necessity.

just my rant against the big three ...

Re: what are your other rides?

Reeperette /

>>if push comes to shove you can rent a car pretty cheap.<<

Which is what me and my roomie do a lotta times when that GM piece of junk won't make the trip.

Costs about $120 for a week, unlimited mileage....if you know where to look.


Re: what are your other rides?

Well,guys,I live in woodsy southern Ohio and a lot of people NEED a truck to haul their coal,gravel,and wood along with any materials for home improvement.NOT to mention how nice a truck is to carry your mopeds and pull your camper.Now I've got an F-250 HD with a 460c.i.d. engine which will pass everything but a gas station.HA! I've got an Aerostar `Eddie Bauer' 1993 which is nice for vacation,and my wife is blessed with a SMOOTH-riding Mercury Grand Marquis.But lately I'm puttin' more miles on the `peds than the Aerostar.Ain't that great?

Re: what are your other rides?

84 volvo dl wagon with 467,635 miles......

Re: what are your other rides?

2002 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon & 1998 Volkswagen Golf.

1973 Honda CT90 "Trail 90" & 1963 Honda Dream 305 motorcycles.

1977 Garelli SuperSport XL moped.

Oh, and a homemade "go-ped" (it's one of those Mongoose scooters from the '80s with a Bug Bike Machine motor over the rear wheel).


Re: what are your other rides?

i got a 1974 plymouth barracuda with a 385 block size,duel 4 barrel holly carbs,it's got a tunnel ram and a half inch lift on the cam.

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