is it a sears? kromag? puch?


i have a moped that was sold by sears. and made by kromag. i saw a picture on the web of it and the guy was calling it a Free Spirit. i'm looking for info on the moped. things such as the enging size? is it a 50cc any one know of web sites on my moped? top speed is 20 mph. it doesn't idle well. but does run pretty good when i'm on the gass. i'm intrested in doing some mods to it to get it to go as fast as i can. but first i need to know what i have.. any info would be great. thanks


RE: is it a sears? kromag? puch?

<HTML>if it is a "sears free spirit"

then it is made 100% by puch of austria

(as is the jcpenny pinto)

both were puchs way of competing with themselves in the american market

in my opinion you have a really cool moped

if you want more info like horse power or such I can help

if the top speed is only 20 then you ethier need to run some maintainance or its only a 1 hp model (not likely) most puch in america are 1 1/2 hp and all can be upgraded to 2 hp (30 mph) with a few simple parts (new jet in carb/carb manifold)

hope this helps



Sears Free Spirit 1978

I need parts. Who has them.



Re: Sears Free Spirit 1978

For parts, first place to call is Handy Bikes in Columbus, OH. 614-299-0550. They have lots of Puch parts. And they know their mopeds.

1978 kromag free spirit

i need help i would like to learn more on my '78 kromag free spirit moped if any one knows a place i can find info please help me!!!



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