So is there a Scooter Army? or are we grouped into the mopeds too? I only have (bought) one because I'm gonna lose my license next month from a DWI I got when I wrecked my motorcycle.. my scooter is pathetic next to my 750Magna although I find myself strangley enjoying it,probably because I have a choice right now but I wont next month anyway its a 2002 Hyosung sf-50 neat as it can be, electric start, kicker backup, variable tranny, dual tiny headlights , it looks like a blue mosquito coming at you,but I get a sense of nostalgia (or maybe its just cheapness) out of the group for those old mopeds, I had a friend in the 70's that had a tomos that would do 45 on flat ground no modifications at all..ok enough from me its bedtime see ya'll RogNC

Re: scooter?

Rich King /

As far as I know there is no "Scooter Army". Hey Guy, just consider yourself lucky twice over. One for surviviing a motorcycle wreck and the other for living in NC. If you lived in VA and received a DWI, you are also specifically prohibited by law from riding a moped. Re your ?'s about the scooter being pathetic next to the 750 Magna, well you are right. However, a guy in my area actually hopped one up with a 70 cc kit and hp exhaust from in the UK. He claimed it would do 75-80 mph and easily 55-60 w/2 aboard. That should get you where you want to go almost as fast as the Magna (at legal speeds anyway). Right now my Derbi Atlantis is in the shop for it's 300 mile checkup (it has 600 miles on the clock) and the mechanic said he had saved an high proformance exhaust system back for me and was going to install it to (wink, wink) improve my proformance. While the stock Derbi runs like a bat outta you know where, it certainly doesn't hold a candle to my '71 Honda 750 Chopper for excel., but it is faster (on excel & top end) than my 76 PUCH w/a 70 cc kit. I'll let you know re my hp exhaust job, but in the meantime check out taftspeed. com for parts for your scoot.


Re: scooter?

Here in the UK weve got hundreds of scooter clubs but nothing like the moped army.Modern automatic scooters seem to have taken over with the kids,but the die hards still ride 'traditional' manual scooters,and they make up the bulk of what's considered 'serious'scootering.The only new moped you can get here is a chinese-built Easy Rider that costs about

Re: scooter?

i don't know of a scooter army.

but you have NO simpathy from me for losing your license. and i sure hope you don't ride that scooter drunk. if you drink, you shoul not operate a vehicle that can cause your death and/or the death of others.

drinking is fine. if you want to get hammered, do it safely. if you endanger the lives of other people, then you're just an ass.

if i ever see someone ride a moped/scooter drunk i will knock them off instantly. i'm fucking serious.

Re: scooter?

I hope you're talkin' staggering drunk,Miguel.I know some guys I wouldn't dare swing at even if plastered.I weigh 235 and I'm no weakling,but I've got a `little' brother that could mop the floor with me ,drunk or sober.Good way to get a beatin'!

Re: scooter?

i've known people who've killed other in drunk driving accidents and some who died. i hate drunk driving w/ a passion. i will risk any serious beating to prevent someone from driving drunk (anything more than 1-2 drinks). i'll slash someone's tires if it comes down to it.

Re: scooter?

I could tell that Miguel,and I respect you for it.I was just doing a little jesting with you.I don't know if you're Latino or Hispanic but you're hot-blooded for sure! But really,I would never even try that on `little' brother ......Cause them beatins' for awhile ! LOL !

Re:drunk on scooter?

Killing someone with a moped? Drunk riding is a bad idea---

on the other hand, on a moped, unless you cause a horrible chain reaction, you're only going to hurt yourself.

Riding a motorbike drunk is the equivalent of a death wish.

Maybe, if you hit a pedestrian at full speed, dead center you just might kill someone.

On the other hand-- what kind of pedestrian wouldn't hear you coming and stand clear when they saw a moped wobbling toward them at 25 mph??

My opinion: You ride a moped or scooter drunk and you're the only one who'll be sorry.

Has anyone ever actually run into/over a pedestrian or a mountain biker?

Re:drunk on scooter?

i disagree about not possibly hurting others if you ride a moped drunk. you can still run down pedestrians. or you can cause someone to swerve around you and get into an accident.

yes, riding a moped or scooter drunk is probably not going to cause as much death or destruction as a car. granted. so my priorities are w/ preventing drunk driving of cars.

and i'll admit that i think getting drunk is pretty lame. i may enjoy a glass or two once in a while, but that's about it. anything beyond that ... what's the point?

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