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Ok, here goes. I'm about to start tearing into my ped (2000 Tomos) for an overhaul

It's getting trans fluid change, brakes changed, some custom turn signals added,

and most importantly a good paintjob with some color changing paint. I havent

decided on which colors yet, but the plastic parts (less the headlight cover) will

be painted in black (flexible bumper paint) that will take care of the shock covers

and engine cover. I plan to have the thing completely apart.

What suggestions does anyone have as to what else I should / could do while

it's in this state. Somebody mentioned making sure the intake and the port were

ground to match, I'm thinking about this one. Somebody else mentioned the

piston skirt for more inflow, but that sounds risky.

Any suggestions ???

Re: Overhaul

Well, have you started taking it apart yet? If not, I would get a camera (digital will be best), and make a photo-record of your overhaul. Start with the original ped, then whenever you are about to take something off, snap a picture of it for future reference (so that you can look at the pictures when you are putting it back together). Also, if you take pictures throughout the whole process, in the end you will have a visual evolution of your ped that you can show off to everyone you know.

Trust me, you will be happy you did.

Re: Overhaul

SteelToad /

Excelent idea. was just going to diagram where the wires go, but I like the visual history idea much better. Thanx

Re: Overhaul

Make sure you put all of the bolts and nuts on paper plates or something like that and label them. It gets really confusing if you dont and you have 100 bolts and nuts scattered around your garage.

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