Kalamazoo Tune-Up?

Where can I get a good tune-up in Kalamazoo? Thanks.

Re: Kalamazoo Tune-Up?

on what?


moped army

Re: Kalamazoo Tune-Up?

A tune-up on a 1978 Puch

Re: Kalamazoo Tune-Up?

Simon King /

You can't really. Vornkamp bike used to be the place to get that done, but he's closed now. Is it running at all?

Re: Kalamazoo Tune-Up?

if all you need is a tune up, check "how to fix your moped" (aka fred's guide) in the resources/articles section of this site. or post a specific question, maybe we can help you out. now that school's back, there may not be many people available to fix bikes ... but you never know.

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