this is a moped in Michigan ?

Its been talked about here before... but here is a picture of that Jincheng Knight that is apparently legal in MI as a moped as of this last summer.

Its a 50cc 4 speed 4 stroke.. (Honda copy)

<IMG src="">

I was at a dealer today who has 4 of these on the floor for about $1750.

I just find it hard to believe they are now considered peds here.

Re: this is a moped in Michigan ?

Pretty cool looking bike, but it wouldn't make it in Missouri as a moped because it is a 4 speed and too fast. In MO, the law requires 50 cc or less, 3 hp or less, 30 mph max on flat ground and automatic transmission. Too bad for us...

Re: this is a moped in Michigan ?

Is it an automatic?


moped army

Re: this is a moped in Michigan ?

No... 4 speed... Michigan apparently changed the law here within the last 12 months.

That is now moped legal in MI.

He said they do about 35.

Disc brakes, full suspension, electric start.

Re: this is a moped in Michigan ?

Hey, that's a Honda Magna50. 4-geared manual clutch. It probably really isn't that fast, because it comes with a speed limiter (duh). But if you put some effort (= time and money) into this bike, it'll go up to 50 Mph with the original 50cc cylinder. And then there are a lot of bore up kits available, 88cc's is real fast ... but 110cc is also possible. And if you know the right people, you could even go to the MAX. The're's a 153cc kit available for this bike. Yes, you read it right, 153cc. A 59mm cylinder in combination with a 56mm stroke crankshaft. You'll need to rebuild (and adapt) the entire engine though ...

I know someone that's got this 153cc kit ... at 160 Km/h (about 100 Mph !!) his gearbox shattered ...

Re: this is a moped in Michigan ?

Damn ... I should take more time reading these messages ...

Right, so it's a Jincheng Knight. That's an imitation of the Honda Magna50. Jincheng copies a lot of Honda fourstroke bikes. Pity the quality of Jincheng stuf is so inferior ...

Here's an URL of a picture of the Honda Magna50:

Re: this is a moped in Michigan ?

Cris: Where do we start to get the law changed in MO ??

Chinese bikes

I've heard to stay as far away from Chinese brand motorbikes as possible because of very poor quality. A dealer here said a guy with a Sundiro came in and begged him to take it on a trade for an Aprilia. He refused.

What have y'all heard?

Re: Chinese bikes

What I have heard about the Jincheng Honda copies (like the one in the photo) is the motors are made under license from Honda... which usually means they have to meet Honda's original quality control standards.

Which are very good.

So they SHOULD be good.

But that is only the motor... the rest of it is probably lesser quality.

And I have no real proof of any of that.

And I believe they will be improving quality as time goes on also.

They look good in person.

Re: Chinese bikes

Well, the engine really isn't that good, it's full ow flaws. The valvestems tend to break. The Gerabox layshaft tends to break. The engine carters tend to crack. The alternator coils tend to meld down.

But Jincheng isn't the worst ... if you think the Jincheng copies are poor, you should check out the Huawei engines. (The Huawei corp. also builds the Zongcheng engines, same things, different name). Those engine are even worse than the Jincheng things are.

But not everything is bad about the Jincheng stuf. Their cilinderheads are pretty good, almost as good as Honda's. But the fun part is that Jincheng fits most of it's engines with their copy of the HRC cylinderhead instead of the standard head, and that HRC (Honda Racing Corp.) Head is pretty fast. :).

Re: Chinese bikes

Ron Brown /

Well... yeah... but other than that, are they good? : )


Re: Chinese bikes

I wonder why they don't give them "asian sounding" names. Who would know! :-)

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