The Future of Mopeds?

I just happened to see the cover of the most recent issue of Popular Science. Aprilias new hydrogen powered moped. I'm not sure if I want a tank of hydrogen between my knees but it looks pretty wild. Anybody else see this one?

Re: The Future of Mopeds?

Reeperette /

Nope...but I tell ya this much...

If they ever equip a moped with Bussard Ramscoops and run it on Hydr-Ox rocket propulsion ? - yer damn skippy I want one.

Just don't stand behind me when I start it.....hmm, for that matter, it'd convince folks not to tailgate either......


Re: The Future of Mopeds?

You can view this moped

Re: The Future of Mopeds?

nice. the italians take the lead again. ;-)

Re: The Future of Mopeds?

I don't know if I would consider that, the future or Mopeds or not. It seems like it is just a glorified mountain bike.

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