minarelli v1 air box, oil, and more

i've read alot of posts and had some of my posts answered too. now, i just have some follow up questions.

2-cycle oil: is it better overall to use the synthetic oil? do i use the same ratio as the ped says (5%)? what's a good brand or price to pay for the oil that you recommend? i was going to get some if i order from themopedjunkyard.com. they want $6/Liter regular and $10/L synth.

clutch oil: i have briggs and straton sae 30 in there now. i read in another post that synthetics rated at 10w30 and 5w50(?) seem better. what are the best oils to use in warm and cold weather? i live in pa. it does get kinda cold sometimes, but i don't think i'll be riding below 30 degrees F.

air box and filter: curses! i forgot to order an air screen when i ordered the air box. is there anything else i can use instead of the air screen? i was thinking of putting a lawnmower foam filter in there, but i wasn't sure if that would alter the mixture negatively. secondly, i have the single sided dellorto air box and not the two sided minarelli one. is that ok? it has three holes.

ethanol: i read in the post below that ethanol in the gas is bad. pourquoi? does it dissolve water and cause parts to rust? i'll try asking my local gas station if their gas has ethanol. are gas stations generally forthcoming about that?


thanks alot!

Re: minarelli v1 air box, oil, and more

Hi! I think you were reading my thoughts on synthetic 2-cycle and 10W30 oil or 5W-50 Exxon synthetic.I'm not telling everyone to use the 5W-50 because it may not be right for their `ped.I use it my Franco-Morini and it works great!But you may just want to use 10W-30 in a Minarelli.I've used that for thousands of miles in my Minarelli.Remember ETHANOL is bad for your `ped,and if you don't buy quality brand gas you stand a fair chance of getting it.The pump is supposed to tell you if the gas has ethanol;THAT's the law in the states.You wanna rusty tank and corroded fuel system go ahead and use it.I know you don't want that.

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