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Hey all, I've spent most of my motorcycle mechanics time working on Motocross bikes which are easily held by an underframe stand when you're working on them.

Does anyone have any tips for holding mopeds (especially the pedal start kind) during maintenance and testing? I'm fouling plugs and I'd like to be able to turn the engine over and be able to check the spark This is hard to do when peddalling like mad down the driveway. ;-) Maybe some of you haved designed starter that attach to the flywheel? Any tips/ideas welcome.


Re: Workshop tips...

I got tired of pedalling my Puch so I took off the flywheel cover and used a reversible electric drill with a 14mm (if I recall) socket.


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Try to weld something like this.

Or hoist up your bike so it clears the ground (difficult to start though).

Re: Workshop tips...

Re: Workshop tips...

Thanks for the great idea.. kind of looks like what they call a "pit bull" stand for superbikes


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why not just use the kickstand? that's what i use.

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Chris Robertson /


I always use the kickstand with one caveat:


They have <i>notoriously</i> weak stands that will bend after a short while.

My other mopeds have faithfully allowed me to start them on the stand (Hondas, Peugeots, a Puch, and a Vespa) with no problems.


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