Mopeds in japan?

Hey guys, . Here is the deal, several Moped Army members including myself are moving to Japan in august. We are plan on starting a Tokyo branch, but i am not sure what bikes are available out there. for example, were european bikes ever shipped out there? if so, which ones. What Honda step throughs are available over there? I am a big fan of the Step throughs, so emphasis on that. thanks.


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Re: Mopeds in japan?

can't answer your question with any certainty, but i'm curious about what you'll be doing there. you in the army or something?

somewhat educated guess follows:

as for peds in japan, i can only surmise that any old school peds have been used up and probably recycled. any old peds are prolly hard to come by and expensive there might have been imports back in the '50's, but probably not after that. you'll probably find alot of hondas and especially stuff that you've never heard of in the states.

other thing is that it's probably REALLY expensive for what it is. everything is expensive there. peds, scooters, and any other small vehicles are prolly also in HIGH demand because cars are expensive and too big to drive around easily. speaking of expense, if you need a license to drive peds in japan it might be upwards of $2000 to get it. if you're not living there for a long time, try getting an international license to save you much time and money! gas is expensive too, like $5 per liter or something.

check into the price on peds and availability there, i could be wrong about the whole thing. if i'm right, though, you should consider lining up a nice light ped for yourself here in the states and shipping it by boat to japan. you MIGHT be able to save yourself some dough that way. then sell the ped there when you leave. maybe make some cash... just make sure your ped is legal there.

finally, do you know japanese yet? if not, try the pimsleur learn to speak system. i'm using it right now and i really like it. i've taken college classes and used other systems, but pimsleur is best so far. or check out ebay ( look up user bigredgarage).

i think japan is pretty neat. i'd like to go there and stay for a few months some time, but i don't think i'd want to live there long term. crowded. soshite moo takai desu yo.

let us know how you get on next year.


Re: Mopeds in japan?

things are exspensive as I understand it , but there has to be more peds and scooters there than anywhere with the exception of Italy, have fun , good luck!

Re: Mopeds in japan?

Reeperette /

I dunno much about Euro peds bein over there, I doubt it cause of the xenophobia of their society - but Honda should be yer best bet, Suzuki having mostly given up on the moped after the Fa-50 debacles.

The honda gyro is one of the most popular, being a trike...a lot of vets call them "Cyclos" and relate to me that they're used for just about everything, including pizza delivery.

Small motorbikes (but not mopeds) and Bicycles also abound, so it's bound to be interesting - good luck.


check out the yamaha mate

I have a 1966 here in Canada - it is impossible to get parts for it here as they only made it here for 2 years. But they have been making it in Japan ever since.

It's built and advertised under the business department. It comes in diff models from 50 to 90 cc. It is also a scooter.

If you want to see it go to and type in "yamaha mate".

I love mine.


Ps. Everything Japan is great especially their history and antiques.

Re: check out the yamaha mate


If you are interested, I work for a Japanese company and a friend of mine gave me a whole pile of motorcycle mags and trade show brochures from there. Most of them have literally hundreds of thousands of used bikes listed for sale, and yes, some of the coolest vintage mopeds you've ever seen.

If you are ever in Ann Arbor and want to check some of them out, I'd be more than willing. I'm sure I could part with a few of 'em.

Re: check out the yamaha mate

Japan is full of the Honda Cub, Super Cubs, etc., something I noticed when I was there in May. There weren't many true mopeds with the pedals, but a lot of great Mini-Trails and Honda CT/CL/SL model trail bikes that apparently are still being manufactured new there today. The streets of Tokyo are full of them.


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