How Do I Derestrict?

Ian Pearson /

<HTML>Please could anyone tell me how I could Derestrict my New Peugoet Vivacity 50cc Myself. Your help would be much appreciated. Please e-mail.</HTML>

RE: How Do I Derestrict?

Tony Espinoza /

<HTML>Just punch out the restictor in the pipe without breaking anything..Dunno gentle work w/ a chisel?? Tony</HTML>

Re: How Do I Derestrict?

Ben Williams /

Most 50cc two-strokes are sold

Re: How Do I Derestrict?

billy shaw /

Could you please give me some advice on how to Derestrict my new peugeot speedfight 2 because i feel that it is dangerous when doing an overtaking manoeuver. thanks billy

Re: How Do I Derestrict?

ive been trying to deristrict a peugeot speedfight 2 but cant find the gearing mechanism!also do you know any web sites with diagrames of the bike layout as im at a complete loss,ive managed to cut an xtra peice of pipe of the exust and weld a plate to it but only getting 37 _8mph can u help?thanx


Re: How Do I Derestrict?

this will give you all the information you need

Hey &quot;me&quot;

How smart are you ?

The question was asked OVER 2 years ago bonehead.

Do you suppose he's been waiting breathlessly all this time just for your answer ?

Re: Hey &quot;me&quot;

Jamie Leonard /

Well hey if the machine is SEVERELY restricted maybe the original asker is still out there on his way home? ;)

(Tries to picture a 2 year ride on a moped... and hopes it would be a model with a VERY cushy seat)

The MAN that never returned.......

Don't tempt Wayne, Jamie! I think he listens to the `Kingston Trio' on that monster stereo of his! LOL!!

Re: The MAN that never returned.......

tyrone ellis /

get a sports exhaust and grind down exhaust port on cylinder

to make a bigger gap for gases to come out easy'r so piston

can move down faster for next cycle. and get rid of the carbon on exhaust and exhaust port.

derestricting yamaha spy

anyone hve advice on how to restrist a yamaha spy 49cc , anything would be greatly appreciated.

cheers barry.

Re: derestricting yamaha spy

anyone de-restricted a Puch Maxi?

Re: derestricting yamaha spy

any info on derestricting a suzuki FA50?

Re: derestricting yamaha spy

Ron Brown /

Annie and Robin.

Your chance of getting a reply would be greatly enhanced if you posted under an appropriate subject.


Re: How Do I Derestrict?


how do i de- restrict a yhama neo moped

dose any one know how to make a neo go much faster coz i can only get 35 out of it at the minuit

How Do I Derestrict a peugoet zenith?

Adi Brickett /

hi every1 how do you deristrict a Peugeot zenith please help ican only do 35-37mph i want 2 do 40-4MPH cheers

Re: How Do I Derestrict?



Re: How Do I Derestrict?

Bwahahaha. I didn't realize it was from 2000 for a bit. I was sure it was a troll

Re: How Do I Derestrict?

lol, wow. oldest thread resurrection ever!

I'm impressed sir.

Re: How Do I Derestrict?

zombie jebus?

Re: How Do I Derestrict?

no groms no blasters /

Ben Williams Wrote:


> Most 50cc two-strokes are sold

very few are given away

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