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Yo folks; I was given a Motomarina Raven ,most of it is there. engine Minarilli no manifold,side covers, the gas tank is clean no rust,odd tank,swithes are thereJust want to fine out if worth fixing up. in plan words is there good points to this moped. OZ

Re: info on Motomaria Raven

could you post a picture of it?


Re: info on Motomaria Raven

What i have to start.


Re: info on Motomaria Raven

looks good.

do you know where to go to get parts?

Re: info on Motomaria Raven

looks totally worth fixing. italian bikes aren't difficult to work on, so you're in luck. what parts are you missing? a minfold for the minarelli engine is easy enough to get. anything else, let us know. i love minarelli.

first, check out fred's guide (look under "how to fix your moped" in the resources/articles section of the site).

Re: info on Motomaria Raven

Alright,Ozzie! You may have an alright bike there! Looks like the front tire may be 16" and the rear 17" but it could just be the pic..Make sure the front tire is correctly situated and not cobbled into place.The Minarelli is a great engine and VERY dependable when scheduled maintenance is done.Be nice to get a fender on that front tire before winter to keep from throwing water up into carb..Fix and enjoy!

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