cat on a ped

Re: cat on a ped

the one with a cat didn't show up (on mine)

try again

<IMG src="">;

Re: cat on a ped

This is my cat, it's name is Pockey and the moped is a Honda PF50 novio 4-stroke moped.

It's a small world out there... funny how things come together huh?



Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Re: cat on a ped


Those are all pictures from my site!

It's great to know that my site is visited by people fromm all over the world :)

You seem to be interested in the Honda PF50R Novio ? 3 out of 4 of those pic's are all from Novio's. The Army-green moped is Adriaan's Honda C310a. A bit choppered-up of course.

Re: cat on a ped

Ow, by the way, if anyone has any questions about Honda fourstroke mopeds (almost any type). Adriaan and myself fix Honda's for breakfest ...

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