Puch lost low end after Biturbo

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Anyone know how to get the low end back on a Maxi after adding the Biturbo? Rejetting the carb I presume? It's the 1.5hp single speed.

Re: Puch lost low end after Biturbo

Yes, rejetting the carb will help. My experience with the bi-turbo has been an increase of 4 to 6 "point" sizes. My stock jet was a 60. With a bi-turbo I had to jump to a 64 or 66. You will have to find the best needle setting also if your low end seems lean or too rich. Hope that helps.

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Performance pipes are made to increase top end HP.... and they will never make as much at low RPM... about the only thing to get back some low end is too have the cylinder head 'shaved' (machined off)... or if you have a head gasket you could try removing it... that will get back some (that actually gives more HP everywhere, but you will notice low end most)

The main jet ??...the main jet will not affect low end performance.

It only affects the top 30% of the rpm range.

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