An old guy that lives about 50 metres from my place just sold me his 1967 350ccm solo 2-stroke motorcycle! It`s even got papers with it!

New pistons and cylinders were installed about 10 years ago and he practically never used the bike after that due to health problems he had!

And the damn thing cost me only about 15$ with tons of spares...

Since I`m a minor I cant drive it on the street but considering the location its not a big problem...Finally I`m out of the moped age!

(gotta get the big boy workin first though..)

Re: =)

Jamie Leonard /

Hmm... I'm 29 and still apparently in the moped age!

(Of course up here in ontario I'd be paying at least a thousand more per year... likely a fair bit more.... to run a motorcycle as opposed to a moped)

Definitely sounds like a sweet deal however, even if you can't get it immediately running it NEVER hurts having a source of potential parts for machines.

What bike?

what bike is it?

Re: What bike?

Its russian Izh jupiter 2

I live in eastern europe, we still have some of them around...

It should have something like 20kw`s.A friend who owns one cylinder version of IZh achieved about 150 km/h on it just by installing a bigger front sprocket.

I attached a photo but this is just the same model, its not my bike (mine looks BETTER!)


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