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Well, finally got my shipment...one whole A3 engine with most of an Ecarwi carb still hangin off it.

Here's the plan....A3 Transmission casing, A3 Gear Ratio, which is better than the A5's if you look up the specs on both...tis the A5's longer "throw" (stroke) that allows the shorter gears to get the same power, at the cost of mileage.

So, starting with the A3 gears.....now, there's this little metal piece in there, kinda L-shaped...the one in the A5 is tougher, so that's goin in to replace the OEM, and whichever pedalchain looks like it'd work better.

The A5 Pistonarm/Counterweight shaft is goin in there even if I have to do some musical chairs with the gearwheels...cause I want that longer stroke with the taller A3 gearing behind it.

Also, gonna drop the Targa CDI unit in there if at all possible, and it should be, size-shape-voltage is the same...so...should work.

Oil injection unit from the A5, since that's on the same shaft as the pistonarm.

The A5 piston, rings and head are also goin on there, the bolts should match up nicely, if not, well...drill&Tap or helicoils....but we'll see..

The chain is gonna lose some links, I don't like the 24/26 Chain ratio, so imma go short on it to get that little extra bit of jumpoff, there.

And once that's done, tune it to spec and get it running well...then possibly later decide whether to go with a Custom cyl/piston/rings, or jack the 70cc on there.

But for right now, We are gonna see if an actual "A35" can be hand-built.

I might be gone a while cause I got another project besides this one to finish as well.


Re: Mix-N-Match

WOW, sounds awesome. keep us posted

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