What is "moped manor"?

Barbara Perkins /

saw it below. We may end up going to Kalamazoo maybe next year for memorial day. Have to check on mapquest how far it is from Missouri. Sounds great!

PS. for anyone interested, we sent the rear wheel back to Cosmo of my new KineticTFR. It had several problems once my husband opened it up (bushing was leaking, the rattle, the tube had a leak and something about a seal) Lets see how quickly I end up with a new one from Cosmo. I'm crossing my fingers. Thanks to those who replied to my posts below. Barbara : )

Re: What is "moped manor"?

Simon King /

Moped Manor is a house that many moped army members either live in, or have lived in. Names are assigned to different houses where multiple army members live - and the manor is the most important since that where all of the BBQ events happen at.

That'd be awesome if you could make it up for BBQ6.

Re: What is "moped manor"?


The leaking bearing is fairly common. I had the same problem with my Vespa Ciao. It renders the brake useless. Glad you're sending the wheel back. I ended up buying a new hub. Did you ever come up with a good way to get your moped to St. Louis? Let me know when you plan to ride in Forest Park. My wife and I would love to ride with you.


Re: Cosmo & parts


The first (and last) TFR I worked on had a defective crankshaft, which I explained to the people at Cosmo had failed at 17 (10+7) miles.

Althought his moped had been out of warranty for years, it belonged to the original owner.

Cosmopolitan found that indeed the crankshaft was defective and sold us the parts at cost. Considering they were under no oblogation to do so, this was a good situation for all involved. That TFR is still going strong, and here's a good word for Cosmopolitan.

I think you'll be satisfied with the results.


Thanks! nt

Barbara Perkins /


great but

Barbara Perkins /

it will probably not be until the spring because I only have 135 miles on my Kinetic and have to break it in. We will probably strap it into the back of my Ford Ranger. Yep, I will post here in the spring when I can go down to Forest park! thanks! We have 2 small children (1 large) so my husband and I can't ride together-he has a 750 hondamatic vintage motorcycle. Barbara

mine is under warranty

Barbara Perkins /

It has 135 miles and only had it a month. Hope they don't bother fixing the wheel, just send me another. Its getting on winter and I want to ride a bit more before! So much for quality at Kinetic. Hopefully Cosmo will be a bit better as your experience. B

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