General questions about Honda Camino PA50

Even Lund /

<HTML>I recently bought an old 1982 Honda Camino, but I have no former experience on fixing mopeds. I have read some instructions in some books and a couple of tutorials on the net and I have a experienced friend who is helping me. I now feel almost prepared to start repairing the ped but I still have some questions regarding the Camino:

1. What is the easiest way to disassemble the camino to get to the carburator, the cylinder and the air filter?

2. I have no clue where the different wires is supposed to go. Does anyone have instructions on how to connect the damn wires which are sticking out everywhere? (Horn, lights etc)

3. What is the recomended tire pressure and octane?

4. Is it possible to mount blink-lights on the moped, and how?

5. Except for the CVT-modification with the weights, are there any other mods that requires no special equipment and are easy to do in your own garage? I prefer mods that are hard to discover...</HTML>

RE: General questions about Honda Camino PA50

guillaume /

<HTML>I'think I could answer you, but I think I'll have problems to explain it to you because my english isn't perfect (!!!)

1 to get to the carburetor, you have to take off the hupper and fronter bolt ( all the engine'll descent) then, you could unscrew the 4 main carburator screw (and the cylinder too) for the air filter, you have to remove the left cover; then, you'll see a black rectangle : it's the air filter

for the rest, I'll explain it to you tomorow, it's very tyreding to translate ideas feel that !!





RE: General questions about Honda Camino PA50

<HTML>OK, here's a quick hint, pull out the air filter. Don't slide it out completely, just pull it half way out, the plastic cover will keep it in place, you will gain speed, depending on the state of the bike.



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