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I want to know what kind of music everybody is into. Music styles and/or band names. I am into Ska, Reggae, Rocksteady, Rockabilly, Surf, and Punk rock. My favorite bands are The Slackers, Dr Ring Ding & the Senior All-stars, Hepcat, Amazing Royal Crowns, Tiger Army, Rev. Horton Heat, Blue Stingrays, Dropkick Murphys, and Nomeansno.

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I love freaky rockabilly, (the cramps)

Ministry, Tom Waits, The Freestylers, Fatboy Slim, Thrill Kill Kult, Louis Armstrong, Armand Van Helden, Irish Drinking Songs, Gorillaz, Revolting Cocks, Kid Koala, Mixmaster Mike, Q-Bert,

Classical, beastie boys, lots of other stuff..


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XBrandon EdgeX /

I mostly like hardcore, punk, some ska, surf rock, and for some odd reason, I'm really starting to enjoy death metal (for the fast pace and the comedic vocal tones). Some of my favorite bands are Black Flag, Adolescents, Brujeria, Man or Astor Man, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Groovie Ghoulies, Atom and his Package, Fifteen, Dead Kennedys, Dead Milkmen, Death by Stereo, Good Clean Fun, Crimpshrine, Bane, Anti-Flag, Kid Dynamite, Sloppy Seconds, Subhumans, Minor Threat, Screeching weasel, Cannibal Corpse, Vandals, TSOL, The Explosion, Ten Yard Fight, The Queers, and The Independents (just to name a few).

If I ever make a moped video, the theme song is definitely going to be "A Mouthful of Exhaust" by Man or Astro Man.

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I can and do listen to EVERYTHING except for "new" country and deathmetal. I think the "perfect" track to start a Moped Army soundtrack would have to be "Sex on Wheels" by My life with the Thrill Kill Cult!!!


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J. Sailor /

Bob Dylan, Deltron 3030, Jesus Christ Superstar

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Hardcore. emo stuff. some straight up indie rock. Modest mouse, the locust, blonde redhead, chisel, capn jazz, yes even the promise ring.


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Oh, you young people and your full of angst.

In 1980 I had two motorcycle batteries running in series powering an 8-track player mounted right above my Gadabout turn signals on my Magnum. I think ELO's Out of the Blue was the primary cartridge.

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GREAT DAY, Am I the only old fart here? What happened to Hank jr.? and the foggy mountian nose pickers (HA!) Kidding about the nose pickers... Have you guys ever been to a fiddler conventian? Far as a sound track from a pirate movie? Picture REE in front of the pack, with a pirate hat and a big knife in his teeth! Getum REE! HA! Better take a pill now...ha...ha.. Doug D.

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Simon King /

indie rock / hardcore / emo / "post-rock": right now i'm listening to "death cab for cutie".

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chuck russo /

i listen to alot of music, but i really like pennywise and rancid, but i also like phish, grateful dead, bad luck 13 riot extravaganza ( extream death metal), american head charge, P.O.D., black sabbath, puddle of mud, adema, system of a down, and boy hits car

if u were to make a moped army sound track the first song would ahve to be my all time fav song cream- the white room it has to be one of the best songs ever

blue oyster cult is good also

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i like indie pop ... so lots of barcelona (washington dc), from bubblegum to sky (california), cecilia ann (spain), cafe tacvba (mexico) and other similar stuff. also melodic pop/rock like juno, tristeza, the pixies. oh, and ivy, belly, the breeders, the smiths, blondie ... pretty much anything from march records ... you have to dance!

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gimmyjimmy /


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my fav band is Nine Inch Nails. i also like type o negative, mortiis, burzum, moonspell, samael, lords of acid, josh wink, skinny puppy, danzig, and a bunch of others i like i variety of music from classical, clasic rock, punk, metal, black metal, death metal, techno, industrial, and even a few rap groups. its good to have variety in life to explore and expand the many diff. possibalites. yea i know there is prob. a few mis spelled words but who cares.

P.S. please give me some moral support moped family i am trying to quit smoking cigarets.

thank you, michael

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Reeperette /

Bah....Gimme some Classical.

Especially the Schitzo Variant of Big "B"'s 9th from Clockwork....but the choral harmony version of it rocks....I was kickin that when we found out the hard way that our cars top speed is "electronically limited" (sucketh!).

Wagner and Mahlers "power" hits are good as well.

Classic Rock kills too, getcha Sabbath, Nazareth, Boston, Steve Miller...etc..

Or go deep Classic for the old-style classic peds, 50's/60's.

I dun much like a lotta "Alternative" (Alternative to what, I'd like to know...a sharp stick in the eye ?)...but some of it's not halfway bad neither. a class by themself...(detention comes to mind)....Motorhead, gotta have some motorhead in yer track, if yer gonna do the two-wheel boogie...


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Jamie Leonard /

Hmm... apparently music wise I'm the old fogey in some ways.... I usually listen to jazz and blues (but I do venture into indie and the odd other genre depending on mood)

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Give it up to uh, Snoop Dawg, Wu-Tang Killaz, Method Man, Redman, Say word to Twista, 3-6 Maf. And (insert name here) ____________.

Classic rock is da shitznat too! Peace!

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failure, jimmy eat world, the owls, pavement, built to spill, caustic resins, clutch, shiner...... i could go on and on.....

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Husker Du, The Replacements, Samiam, Guided By Voices, Jawbreaker, ALL/Descendents, Buffalo Tom, Rocket From The Crypt, Goo Goo Dolls, Burning Airlines, Sugar, Weezer, Sugarcult, Will Haven, Armchair Martian...


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I've always thought the "ventures" went really well with the moped.

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If you're into Easy Listening that takes figuring out(lyrics mean something with depth)get the 4cd set of Gordon Lightfoot for 50 bucks.THAT'S how music and lyrics were supposed to blend,IMHO.He has always put great background music behind the main track.My 19 yr.old and 21yr.old love his music along with all the Beatles.And you ought`ta hear `em play together with their friends.They kinda have informal concerts together with a lot of their friends and everybody has a great time.I'm so glad I bought them the guitars and made them learn to read music as a condition of their getting the guitars.

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#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

This is the wiener.

Wayne (edited)

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