help fixing Derbi

My friend has had a derbi moped in his garage for 8 years cuz the throttle cable snapped and he never bothered to fix it. Now i replaced the throttle cable and put gas in it, but it still won't run. What should i do? The gas is getting to the carb. because when I give it gas while giving it clutch during start, it is audibly apparent that gas is making its way in. Besides cleaning out the carb. and getting a new spark plug, what else could be going on?

Re: help fixing Derbi

Never heard of a derbi. Have you read Freds guide? Click on resources, then articles, then Freds guide on how to fix your moped. It is the Moped Army's bible. Have you removed the exhaust to see if the port is clogged? Have you checked the timing?

Re: help fixing Derbi

>it is audibly apparent that gas is making its way in

Its not gas makin its way in that your

Re: help fixing Derbi

Sitting 8 yrs. it's probably just varnished up inside the carb and filters.Do a thorough cleaning and use Fred's guide like Vespalad said.

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