Cheap Mods for Jog CY 50

<HTML>Modifying scooters here in the Philippines is cheap , thanks to the influx of cheap parts from Taiwan. Jog scooters are the rave because it is the easiest to modify and responds very well to small adjustments. A stock Jog (CY 50) runs at 70 KMH if the motor is in good condition, slap on a Keli variator and a Malossi belt and see it go to 75 - 80 KMH. Next take that cylinder head off to a local machine shop and remove about 2 - 3mm of material (you must use hi test gas as it will detonate due to excessive compression) to gain about 3 - 4 points CR, then we buy a cheap imitation of a Malossi race tuned pipe, Malossi variator spring and a 13 X 34 secondary gears then watch it go to 85 - 90 KMH with ease. Next on the list are a set of 24mm Mikuni carb, Koso intake and a Malossi reed block. Finally, we install a Keli race clutch for good measure, guess at what it goes now, about 100 - 105 if you are a really good tuner. Quarter mile perf shows a time of 19 - 18.75 sec if you 're about 30 - 35 kilos and strip your scooter bare leaving only the front fairings and headlights. The cost, only a staggering US$275 including labor & machining. I do not have an Email right now because I sold my PC to buy me a Malossi cyl. kit, crankshaft, MHR expansion and an Overrange kit for my Jog Super ZR, but I'll always keep in touch here incase you guys need some help hopping up Jog & Dio scooters.See ya later. </HTML>

RE: Cheap Mods for Jog CY 50

<HTML>what location are you in? I am interested in buying from you. Are they new?</HTML>

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