i need help installing my new coil

chuck russo /

i bought a new coil at my local moped shop. the one i bought itnt oem its a different kind and the guy said its better quality but i cant use the stock mounting hardware. so he said i had to rigg it up i have a 87 golden bullet lx so i took the side panel off and dilled 2 holes on the very bottem on the tank ( there is like a 1 inch space of flat metal attached to the tank) so i extended all the wires to my new coil and sanded the paint off the frame where i mounted it but i have no spark. when i kick it the lighted light up so im prettysure its hooked up half way right

any ideas whats wrong?

Re: i need help installing my new coil

Reeperette /

Is the coil round or kind of a square-ish box ? if it's the box...you've been shafted, cause that's for a CDI ignition.

Also make sure it's not that damn Bosch 6V coil every shop seems to try foisting on Tomos owners.

Also, check the wiring all the way back...make sure your coil is hooked to the proper leads using a jumpline...the leads come out over on the other side of the trans...brown is ground, the rest are hotleads...usually yellow and/or black.

In addition, take some sandpaper and sand a spot on the cylinder till it's gleaming bare metal, and hold the plug against THAT when checking, the "paint" on a Tomos cylinder is somehow conduction-resistant...and therefore unless you have good contact with bare metal, it will not spark even if you are, in fact, getting spark.

That little bit of Tomos trivia drove me and Fred bonkers one night for a coupla minnits.


Re: i need help installing my new coil

chuck russo /

its the round one, i dont think its a 6 volt i bought it from a extreamly respectical moped shop that has been in bussiness for 25 years and they only deal with mopeds but it may be a 6 volt. i have extened the brown wires and extened to single black wire and they are hooked up to the smae places as they were on the stock coil

i sanded the paint off the place were i mounted it. do u think that doing that im grounding out the spark

reeperette if u can e-mail me i would really really appreciate it i will try to post pictures off it so u will know what i have done chuck_russo2001@yahoo.com

but its almost mid night here and im very tired i will do it tomarrow

Re: i need help installing my new coil

Chuck , how can you tell if the coil went out? mit it not be the points?seeing you put another coil on did you check them, i do beleive it is a 12v on them.look at one of the light bulbs or if have manual. oz

Re: i need help installing my new coil

One other thing,Chuck.I wouldn't ground anything to the tank unless you must.Gas tanks sometimes have rubber insulators to keep down vibes,so they may not effectively ground your coil or wiring.

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