tomos id & wiring questions

i have a tomos targa i am trying to get running, and need some help. first im trying to find out the age of it, all i have is the vin--ZZ1A44124SK903507, for identification. also i need a wiring diagram, im getting no spark, and this moped was taken apart when i bought it,(wires hanging out everywhere) there are no lights or side covers, so i am going to remove the lighting wires and make a yard bike for my daughter, which a wiring diagram would help in the removal of only what i need to. and finally, does this model require a battery? if so where does it go, if not please ignore my lack of moped knowledge, this is my first, but i am good with basic mechanics and wiring, so i know i can fix it with the right info. thanks, barry

Re: tomos id & wiring questions

Hi There, If not mistaking the ign wire also runs thru the tail light, the points if equipted, normaly needs cleaned and adjusted, SEE FREDS GUIDE, its excellent.... I will be glad to send a wiring diaghram, by snail mail, email me direct with if, mabe if you describe the bike we can figure the year fairly close.... Doug D.

Re: tomos id & wiring questions

Reeperette /

I do have wiring diagrams, and if I have the time I shall scan them in and send em to you...but that might take a while....


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