Photo submissions?

I doubt that they automatically get listed in the photo section. I know that I have personally uploaded a few photos to help everyone that gives me a link such as

and it works......for about 1 day then the link goes bad.

Try to reload it and the site says that a file exists already? Oh, yeah? Where then?

Is someone supposed to sort/list/upload pics on a semi-annual/annual basis? (just assuming that since it has been longer than a quarter and a third of the year so far.)


Re: Photo submissions?

I think Simon is in the process of re-designing the site right now and won't update the pics untill he completes it.

Re: Photo submissions?

Simon King /

I'm sorry about the slow period here, we used to be pretty good about getting photos up. Tim is right that i'm working on the new website will be much smoother. In the meantime I've unfortunately been letting the existing site go a bit slack.

When the new site launches you'll be able to submit photos and then when they are approved (a day or two), you will automatically recieve an email with a link to the location of the photo. It will also be added to the photo section in it's appropriate area.


again, sorry that the site has been feeling a bit neglected lately - the new website will be done soon, and lots of fun new things will be happening.

Re: Photo submissions?

That is also my job to sort photos as well, sorry i have been lame about doing it.

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