fork bent,light broken

<HTML>My son's friend took our Minarelli Brocco TX7 for a ride the other day. He is only 10. As he lost control, he went into the neighbor's yard and hit a log near a fence. It launched the bike and rider into the chainlink fence and he went over the handlebars. He then scraped the top of the fence with his chest. The bad news.. the fork is bent back and the headlight is broken. The bulb and lense are one. If anyone has one that they want to sell, let me know. It is a CEL or CED(can't tell the letters) F.LLI PAGANI S.p.A. - Milano, Itali 125-6V. This is a two prong bulb with a thick lense. Any help?

Pictures of the bike before the wreck can be found at

Thanks.. here's hoping I can rebuild the front fork.</HTML>

RE: fork bent,light broken

<HTML>You can usually find replacements at any store where they sell lawn tractor supplies. Make sure that the wattage is close and that its a 6 volt.

Good luck,


P.S. check out the links on this site for the moped

junkyard they might be able to help with the fork


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