my new ped broke help!

chuck russo /

i got my ped today the guy had one of his friends deliver it

after the guy left i started it up and i was driving it around so i decided to go on a lil ride and i was about 3 miles from my house and it just died

so... i check the gas- there is plenty

i check to see if there is oil- its full

i check to see if the plugg wire is on the plugg............ i looked down and the wire that goes into the coil is just hanging out and it looked as if it had been rigged up befor

what should i do? buy a new coil?

Re: my new ped broke help!

XBrandon EdgeX /

Do you mean the spark plug wire or one of the other smaller wires? If it's the spark plug wire, you should be able to thread it back on. The part of the coil where the plug wire attaches has a little pointed screw on it. Stick the end of the wire in there and turn it clockwise, not until it's tight, but just until you can start feeling a little more resistance. The wire should thread on like a nut kind of.

If it's one of the other smaller wires going to the coil, fix the wire and reattach it. If it's the coil that's damaged, then you should probably get another one.

Re: my new ped broke help!

chuck russo /

i put the wire back in it and it wont start and i dont have a spark

i call the local moped shop and they said the coil i have, that if the wire comes out i ahve to buy a new one so im taking it up there today or monday and just paying 80 bucks for the coil and to have them install it

Re: my new ped broke help!

Hello, what kind of bike you have? Sounds like your getting one the hard way... coils are expencive, but $80.... WOW!

Re: my new ped broke help!

chuck russo /

its a 87 golden bullet 80 dollars for a coil and for them to install it

i ended up buying the coil and attempting to install it myself but it doesnt work

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