Re: Stumped- Jawa Babetta

Did you read the post by "Chris" above?

He said in no uncertain terms that you do NOT have points... you have a CDI...

And in the pictures you posted I see what looks like a CDI ignition also.

So like I said .... if you have a big fat blue spark from a CDI (and from what I have read... you do)... then QUIT worrying about the ignition... put it back together and proceed with other tests on compression and fuel.

You are overlooking the simple stuff.

Re: Stumped- Jawa Babetta


well, for a while.

It runs fine, ( but not really constantly) kinda jerks a little bit...that method with the choke and air adjustment screw really worked.....

I dont think its getting enough gas or something...maybe an uneven flow? oh well, ill just keep tinkering with the air/gas mix screws until I get it to run better......itll start in about 2 pedal revolutions though.....and, in my test runs, I can see why you people like these things so much....anyway, just thought id let you all know....(and I didnt have to worry about points at all)

Thanks, and ill keep you updated,


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