puch 2 hp 1977

is there a govenor or rev liniter on this bike,if so how do you take them off.

Re: puch 2 hp 1977

No, you cannot simply remove a restrictor or a limiter and go faster. You have to get more fuel through by changing, carburetor, exhaust or piston displacement or combinations of the three. If it was easy, there would be a lot fewer reasons to have this website.

Re: puch 2 hp 1977

Richard King /


I know your problem. I have a 76 PUCH (probably a '77 Model because it was built 10/24/76). I fiddled around about a month or so before I realized that "oldtimers" post is correct. To solve the problem, it just wouldn't pull me up the steep hills surrounding my town, I bought a biturbo and a 70cc kit. It now cruises fine (between 40-45 mph) and will pull my "bulk" (235lb) up the steep hills to the commuter train station 8 miles away. I haven't had any problems w/the conversion. However, it was not exaclty a cheap fix. You may want to try the biturbo route first.


Re: puch 2 hp 1977

Just wondering where would i get a biturbo kit because i have a 1980 puch maxi luxe and having the same problem.


Re: puch 2 hp 1977

Sorry i ment a 70cc kit, or anything to make it go faster.

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